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Two Laps
If Winter means 60-degree sunny days, occasionally interrupted by slightly chillier, but by no means cold, weather, and no precipitation, then sign me up for Winter-land. For now, Kansas City will do, as that is the exact weather we've had for the past month and a half, in what is traditionally the height of Winter, when people get by with booze and pills, or, in Andy Richter's case, just booze.

Today was a shining example of fantastic Groundhog Day weather, with a high around 64, and a sharp blue, cloudless sky. Unable to sit still inside for long, I made some chicken stir-fry, brushed my teeth, passed the chicken, and went to drop off the rent at the leasing office. I was listening to the She Wants Revenge album, as walking around downtown on a glorious afternoon, and decided that while it's very cool music, it's just too depressing for such an occasion, and switched to Franz Ferdinand. I began to walk in step with the music, and was feeling rather high on life.

I walked down to the River Market, explored new areas, and was momentarily enthralled by the giant new television-type display on the front of the HOK building. I continued through the actual city market, and wound up, as if primally drawn, passing the threshold of the River Market Brewing Company. I ordered a porter, and then another one, and then three more, as I got acquainted with Myrna(a coincidentally good friend of Liz) and some guy that owns Grinders, one of my favorite bars in the world. Finally, I had to turn down a sixth beer, and got on my way.

The sun was westering by this time, casting a gorgeous light on downtown and the surrounding skyline. I had switched my player to 80s music by this time, and scurried home. When I arrived at my place, I received a call from Jason instructing me to point my inertia back to the River Market, to meet him with Geoff at Harry's Country Club for dinner and drinks. Not one to make a habit of saying no, I said yes, and marched back to the River Market.

Josh joined us, fresh off a payday, and we had a very nice time.

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New Home for the Biggies
You may have noticed that trying to view full-sized pictures no longer works. The short story is that I no longer have hosting on the fluxcapacitor domain, as the guy who was generously offering me hosting for free, and had been for years, wanted some financial assistance for my ride. It's his server, and his perrogative to do what he wants with his own webspace, but I am already paying for too many hosting plans, as it is, so I declined, and am now downloading all 2.2 gigabytes of data from his machine, to be selectively uploaded to the same machine that hosts this website.

Going forward, however, the older pictures on this site will no longer be available in full size. If there's one or a number of them that you want, just send me an email, and I'll be happy to send it to you. I think I might put up a form for "big picture requests," or something. I'll burn that bridge when I cross it.

But, if you want a picture now, just cool your heels for a while, and bear with me. I hope to have everything working by the end of the upcoming weekend.

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Okay, That was Fast
Okay, when I said "the end of the upcoming weekend," as the targeted time of the completion of restoring the full-sized pictures to availability, i hadn't taken into account that the following day(today) would stretch the limits of boredom, for me. So, I got all my uploading and reprogramming done today. I uploaded 442 megabytes of data to the website, which encompasses everything that's been posted in the pictures section since the beginning of 2005.

This site now occupies about 800 megabytes on the server where it sits, leaving me with a little over 2.5 gigabytes of free space to play with. I will leave that for now, but if enough public outcry is generated, I could be compelled to upload some older pictures, too.

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Bus Pub Crawl
I got up at 10, with every intention of jumping into the shower in an immediate fashion, but wound up writing a review for some bar somewhere for some website, taking a crap, and heading to the bus stop to find that my bus wasn't coming for 20 minutes. I swore aloud.

After a very lively ride to Waldo, I met up with Jeff at Waldo Pizza, and began our crawl. We went from Waldo Pizza, to Charlie Hooper's, to The Peanut, to Tomfooleries, to The Newsroom, to Davey's Uptown, to Smokin' Joe's barbecue, to The Drum Room, to 12 Baltimore, before it was decided that we had been along for quite long enough. I walked home, put on some Elton John on my mp3 player, and sang along. "Hold me closer, Tony Danza!"

It was exceptionally cold today, with high winds and temperatures crapping on my face, in the twenties. Luckily, we never had to wait long for a bus, and our $3 day passes made the whole experience much, much easier.

I should do this every Saturday.

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Thirty Boxes
I am up way too late, ogling 30 Boxes, thanks to Carl. It's an online calendar application that combines pretty much every web service one can imagine into one interface for a person. I will play with it for a while, but man, this is the coolest non-porn thing I have seen on the internet in a long time.

It just came out today(2/5/2006), and is completely functional. It's lightning-fast, powered by AJAX, and has been written to understand all kinds of syntax for entering dates and items. For instance, I typed, "Boulevard Big Band, 8pm tuesday," and it had no problem figuring it out, and entered the event to the proper date. You can also invite other users to events listed on your calendar. Want an event or appointment to be private? No problem. Just check the "Private?" box. In addition, you can edit an event, and say if it's a recurring event(say, every week).

After adding some buddies, some rss feeds, and some usernames on more popular blog services(livejournal, myspace, webshots, etc), my calendar started to get peppered with links to webpage entries of people in my buddy list, on the days they were entered.

More innovations are on the way, apparently, and I look forward to them. I have sent invitations to a couple of friends, just to see how it is with a multi-user look.

Awesome. Just awesome.

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Super Cough Sunday
I was startled awake this morning my an unremembered sequence of phone calls and texts from Amy, asking if I wanted to go to mass at Redemptorist at Linwood and Broadway. I obliged, got up, showered, drank an unreasonable quantity of water, and headed to Midtown.

The previous night, I seemed to develop a slight case of raspy coughs, and thinking little of it, I turned off the light and slept comfortably, dreaming about beer, or women, or properly-balanced quotes in code, or something. I wasn't coughing when I woke up, but my surprising sudden affinity for warm, low-flow tap water jumped into my mind about the time I was turning from Pennsylvania onto the highway.

After a normal mass, at the end of which I actually received a strange wink from the priest at communion(yeah... I don't know either), Amy announced that she wanted to see where I live, and her ulterior motive of getting her new ipod to work was at least revealed. I was expecting this, of course, as I had already offered my assistance before.

So, over a couple of episodes of Arrested Development, we figured out itunes, and the process of getting files on her player. As we sat on my oh-so-clean carpet, my leg fell asleep, and I fell embarrasingly over when I got up to start a new episode. Laughs all around. After copying something like a thousand files from my player to hers, I suddenly realized that though it was about 3PM, I had yet to eat anything that day.

We headed over to the Cup, in the River Market, and found that despite my previous belief, no wireless internet is offered there. So we wound up just sitting, talking, and eating. About halfway through my southwest chicken salad wrap, I realized that I wasn't the least bit hungry, despite not having eaten since Smokin' Joe's, the previous night. That gave me another idea that all might not be right with my worldly body.

The deal was sealed, however, when I drove all the way out to Shawnee for a Super Bowl party, and got short on the phone with Amy and Heidi, who were only trying to give me directions. In addition, I still had no appetite, and the loud voice of one of the party-goers was like the blow of a hammer against my puny brain. When the fate of the Paul Allen-owned Seahawks was sealed by the good old Steelers, I rose with as much composure as I could muster, and took my leave.

I am now coughing heavily, and my headache from the party has not abated. I'm going into the office tomorrow, and I hope I feel up to it.

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No More Garbage!
As if you care, I have had a problem for a while, with new pictures I take. I haven't had anywhere to file a great number of pictures that I think are still worth seeing, but don't number enough to justify an entire album in the pictures section. Therefore, I have begun a new album for random crap, to which I will henceforth add new pictures that also shine in too individual a manner.


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The Spree
I am lately quite addicted to The Polyphonic Spree, and as they are such an intriguing group, I was recently looking for pictures of them, and came across this shot.

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A Quick Bleh
Josh and I went to Harling's last night, for what is apparently the last Big Band night for a couple of weeks. I suppose some people have wives and girlfriends to attend to, even musicians. We rounded off the evening with a can apiece of Old Milwaukee, and singing along with songs on the bar's stereo. We then went to Pancho's for big potatoey burritos, and impending stomach problems.

I went in the office again today, and stayed busy the whole time I was there. It was very satisfying. I even stayed later than a lot of the people there. I got home, ate some nothing, took off my pants and overshirt, and watched about five episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. During said sloth, I tried to have a text message tete-a-tete, which just didn't work out. I think sometimes that I am just a bit too enamoured with technology.

So, to celebrate, I'm getting out of the house. I'm headed over to 12/Baltimore to have a drink with Cole, and to gawk at the unfairly attractive waitresses and their little skirts.

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Kids and Barstools
I got paid in the wee hours on Friday morning, and thus paid several hundreds of dollars worth of bills before running off to the office for a record third time in one week. The Division is going through a change of command, and it's important for all of us to meet with the new people, make them feel welcome, and make ourselves available.

I came home after work, and received an invitation to a party way, way out in South KC, in the triple-digit streets. On the way, I took the bus to Waldo, and met up with Jeff and Josh at 75th St Brewery, to throw around our mug club memberships. Callie and her friend April picked us up and drove us out into the boonies for a party that turned out to be a gathering of just-of-age and underage kids, hilariously shushing each other for fear of a police visit.

We called it an early night, as Josh and I had bigger things going on, the next morning, and they dropped me off at home at about one o'clock, in time for me to get a nice night's sleep before the next day's exploits.

I got up at nine thirty, showered, dressed, grabbed my putter out of my trunk, and headed toward the Peanut for the opening hole of the Barstool Open. After a productive run around downtown, we were all feeling goofy, and by six o'clock, I had had about enough, and went home. I got home, grabbed some dinner, read a bit, announced to Heidi that I was in for the night, wrote this entry, and went to bed.

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Underpants Sunday
This was a fun weekend. I didn't get to hang out with some friends I wanted to see, but I had no shortage of things to do, all the same. I got home before dark, last night, ate some more nothing, and went to bed early. I woke up after a heinously long sleep, at about 8:30, this morning, and set about trying to fix some programming problems I'm having with the backend overhaul I'm trying to do to this site, with little success.

Heidi got in touch with me over IM, and gushed with me about Wilco, who will be visiting our fair city, late next month. I'll be out for errands for a while tomorrow, and one of my stops will be the Uptown Theater, to skirt ticketslave's crooked ticketing schemes. Another stop will be to talk to a private investigator in Lees Summit. It seems that my request for security clearance nearing its two-year anniversary has prompted action from the defense folks, and the wheels are in motion to get my clearance taken care of.

At about 6PM, I realized that I hadn't eaten anything in about 24 hours. Few sensations equal the simple pleasure of stuffing your dried out empty stomach with two large Chipotle burritos.

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Venereal Day
No Big Band tonight. No plans. No girlfriend. No date.

Just a box of chocolates from Peoria. I need to make some plans.

EDIT - 3:03PM

I am going to 75th Street Brewery, after all. Please redirect your pity.

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Big Gulps of Beer
I made plans to meet up with some people at 75th St Brewery at 7:30, last night, so I left the house at about 6:50, to catch the 7 o'clock bus. As I took my customary diagonal shortcut across Barney Allis Plaza to get to the bus stop at 13th and Wyandotte, I noticed that the Marriott had changed its flashing light decor to a parade of moving and swirling hearts, in various shades of red, white and pink. I actually gave the hotel the finger, from two hundred yards away.

As I walked down the long staircase from the plaza to the corner where the bus stop is located, I saw my bus, three minutes early, pulling away. I waited around for about twenty minutes for a bland #57 bus to roll up, with "Plaza/Waldo" flashing on its electronic destination marquee. I was going to Waldo, and though I knew that the 57 would drop me off a couple blocks farther away from the brewery than the bus I missed would have, I was already twenty minutes delayed, so I hopped aboard.

As the bus crept through the traffic, I saw that the Venereal Day crowd was thick on the Plaza, which makes sense, since it's already a destination, anyway. I also noticed the massive face of Lance Armstrong looking seriously at me from the American Century towers, across the Brush Creek Valley. Just a little creepy, if you ask me.

Then, the bus turned north, which was bad. I was going south for an additional thirty blocks, so I spoke up.

"Isn't this bus going to Waldo?"

"No. Plaza-only."

"The sign on the side of the bus says Waldo."


"You need to fix your sign," I said, as I jumped off the bus and jaywalked angrily in its path.

According to the electronic display at the bus stop, the next bus to Waldo, on the ATA's vaunted "MAX" route, would come in another half hour, meaning I had just missed it, again. It was turning into a bad night. I finally just said, "to Hell with it!" and shelled out $15 for a slow cab that was playing music videos of Celine Dion songs.

I walked in the door, and found that Eric was waiting at a small table near the door, and Jeff was sitting basically right next to him, though they didn't know each other. I made the introductions, and I got right to drinking cartoon-style quantities of beer from my Bavarian mug. After about four of these, a startlingly pretty girl, named Neka, came over and started talking with us. Unfortunately, she was really really boring, and, I suppose, was trying to get us to entertain her.

We had been having a conversation, a very nice conversation, that got derailed because pretty-eyes joined us and degenerated the discussion into "where are you from," and "what was your major," kind of questions. Apparently bored with us not really taking much of an interest in her beyond politeness, she found some fratties up at the bar to buy her drinks and pretend she's interesting. We resumed our nice time.

After perhaps one or two more of these giant beers, I said goodnight, and headed back to the bus station at 74th and Broadway, to find that at that late hour, the MAX only goes as far as 18th street, and I'd have to walk the remaining mile and a half, or so. But that was fine with me, as I was drunk and it was really pleasant outside, after a 65-degree day.

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Five Years
On February 15th, 2001, I signed the papers on my first car purchase(I needed a co-signer), at O'Brien Mitsubishi, on Pioneer Parkway, in Peoria, IL. I drove my first car, a 1998 Galant ES with five on the floor and 140 horses of raw Diamond Star power. I sat down with Dad, Amy, Rachel, and Josh Whitmore, for my last dinner as a resident at the house in Peoria.

Josh and I, equipped with CB radios, set off first for Dubuque, IA, where my meager furniture still was, left over from when I had lived there until a couple months earlier. We loaded up the couches, bed, tables, and dresser in the U-Haul Josh was driving, and fought the whiteout blowing snow toward I-80. By the time we had entered Missouri on I-35, the snow was gone, and the sun was starting to come out.

At about three in the afternoon, on February 16th, 2001, Josh and I rolled into Kansas City, and started unloading my stuff at the Bellerive, in Midtown KC, where I had secured an apartment. Dad arrived a short time after we got there, and helped bring up the rest of my stuff, and watched as I signed the lease and filled out all the paperwork for my new home.

We went to dinner that night at Pizzeria Uno, on the Plaza, and laughed at the menus' descriptions of Chicago as if it's a distant, unknowable place, having all grown up only two hours from the view of the Sears Tower.

Today, I have officially lived in Kansas City for five years, and that number astonishes me. Three apartments, three cars, four speeding tickets, four jobs, three roommates, plentiful friends, and a wonderful city.

I wonder what the next five years will bring.

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Site Overhaul Complete
I have rewritten a great segment of this site's backend. Creating and editing new entries on this site will henceforth be much, much easier than it once was, for me. For you, comments will now be much faster to enter and edit. I added a couple of small improvements here and there, the most noticable of which is probably the little box on the bottom right-hand side of your screen, showing you what I'm up to for the next couple of days, courtesy 30 Boxes.

On top of all this utility, ease, and speed, it's all done in perl now, and you should notice a performance improvement from that, but it also looks like the site has been relocated to a much faster piece of the internet, located entirely within my current hosting provider's control. It has been brought to my attention, and I agree, that the pictures seem to load faster now.

Anyway, have at it, and let me know if you see anything that's broken.

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Jethro Tull is Awesome
I have been a big fan of Jethro Tull for perhaps fifteen years, when I first remember hearing Locomotive Breath, and knowing it was a Tull song. But man, I am just blown away by the never-ending twenty-three minute rock festival that is the single song, Thick as a Brick. I guess that the appreciation of things like this mature over time, and are ripened in their absence.

Go and get it, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and be amazed.

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Relaxing Saturday
It's about as cold as I've ever experienced, outside. At least, it's as cold as I've ever seen Kansas City get. Once, when I was twelve, Mom was helping us with the paper route, and I jumped up onto the running board of the moving van, and as she handed me an armload of papers, she said, "you're going fifteen miles per hour, hanging on the side of a van, and it's 23 degrees below zero." That was cold.

That said, it's nowhere near that cold in KC. Actually, the cold is basically behind us, and we are now enjoying "normal cold, " with temps hanging in the twenties. As Erp and I wandered around last night, I enjoyed some single-digit temps, to remind me of my childhood.

I met up with Geoff and Katie just before 4PM, for the Boulevard tour, where we met up with Craig, Jeff, and Claudia, and somehow managed to secure a precious table spot for the tasting session. I learned a little more about my upcoming responsibilities as a tourguide, and found that if I'm going to be able to answer all of the questions people ask me, I'll need to bone up on my beer know-how.

Craig gave me a ride home, and we agreed to meet later for drinks. So I went home, ate an unhealthy number of chicken nuggets, rocked out to some Tull, and headed to Grinders with Craig. The $2.50 "all-day, every day" price of Boulevard pints was well appreciated. Even so, we took our time, and just enjoyed a nice drink, before we headed over to the Cashew for someone's birthday party. The group we met was on their second stop of the night, having started at the Velvet Dog, and would soon be heading from the Cashew to the Levee. It struck me as kind of a crazy route, and in the cold, we didn't have any intention of going out of walking range of home, so instead, Craig and I went to the Cup, in the River Market.

Two guys were playing guitar, and the crowd was thinning out, until, before we even finished our beers, we were alone listening to the guitarists. The bartender turned some people away at the door, because I suppose last call had been already quietly called. Interestingly though, he offered us another round, which we declined, and headed to Tanner's for some cover band that was playing.

I wandered home at about 2AM, not quite drunk, but quite heedless to the biting cold, and went comfortably to bed.

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XML File Change
I noticed when I released the new version of the site that the XML file is no longer being updated with new entries. That makes sense, since I haven't done any code maintenance on the xml file in over a year. But, you both need your XML file, so the new one, that uses current URLs and the magic of perl to generate it at all times, is available here. I have changed the link at the bottom of the page, too. I will reformat the bdc.rdf file to direct users to update their bookmarks, web apps, and whatnot, to the new XML file.


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Server Upgrade
The server on which this site is hosted underwent a major upgrade over the weekend, culminating in a read-only period of about 12 hours last night, during which no comments or new entries could be made on the site. The reward, however, is a new server with aa apparently massive bandwidth boost, and much better processor, memory, and hard drive space. Have a look at the picture page, for example, and watch how much more quickly the pictures, especially the big ones, are loaded.

I went into work for a meeting today, and followed it with a trip to the Oaks, for some free golf. It was lovely, but I need to practice more, at golf.

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Quick Contacts
Even though last night was the first Big Band night at Harling's, in two weeks, I decided, with a couple of friends, to meet down at 75th St Brewery, over gmail's fantastic new quick contacts/chat thing. It combines google talk, which I've been using for months, with the magic of gmail, so you can instant message people without needing to worry about a corporate firewall, or even installed IM software. Here's how it looks in my email.

gmail magic

Anyway, we decided, in the end, to just meet down at the River Market Brewery, and also, in the end, it just turned out to be Jeff and me. We had a couple of beers, and called it a night.

I showed the quick contacts and chat to another friend today, and he is now hooked, as well.

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I had a very strange dream, the other night. Well, it wasn't really strange, per se, but it has stuck with me, for some reason.

For the last couple of nights, I have had weather-related bad dreams. I wouldn't call them nightmares, because they weren't particularly disturbing. But both dreams depicted rather cataclysmic weather events. The most recent one involved some kind of missile attack that caused tornadoes, and I vividly remember it starring my brother, my sister-in-law, my younger sister, and my mother, who has been dead for almost eight years.

That dream was just strange, but it's already hazy in my memory, and it was only last night that I had it. I just found it interesting that it involved a weather problem, as the previous dream did. Two nights ago, I dreamed that we(my family) were either living or on vacation somewhere, right on the rural west banks of the Mississippi River, somewhere across from Illinois, so definitely somewhere in either Iowa or Missouri, and probably somewhere near where the two states' border meets the river.

There was another family there, visiting from nearby "Camelot, Illinois," which I have since, in waking life, confirmed does not exist. This nonexistent town was a tired old small river town, just upstream from where we were in the dream. Anyway, the part that really stands out vividly in my mind is a girl in that family: a brown-haired girl named "Naida." I always know how things are spelled, in my dreams. I think it's just part of my pedantic nature.

Naida was about my age, had shoulder-length brown frizzy hair, and wore a bluish-aqua shirt. I don't recall a lot of the details about the goings-on in the dream, but I do remember that I was crazy about Naida, and like most crushes, I kept it to myself, and we just went on being friends. Toward the end of the dream, torrential rain began to fall, and the lock and dam upstream from Camelot was going to burst, and destroy the small town. The last thing I remember before waking up was having to drive Naida to Camelot, and then telling her I had to brush my teeth before we left. I think I was waking up at this point, and tasting the need to brush.

I don't really remember anything beyond that point, but since then, I can't help thinking about Naida, and thinking about if she represents someone or something in my life. If so, what did all the rains mean? Why Camelot, IL? I recall Naida actually looking exactly like someone I know in real life, but I can't put my finger on who, and that's amazing, considering how much I liked Naida. I would remember something like that.

Anyway, it was very strange, and if anyone has any idea what it might mean, and why, in particular, I can't get Naida out of my head, that'd be grand.

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Barstool Pictures
I have completed the page for the Barstool Open pictures. Check it out, at your leisure.

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Beer and Buses
I've been working on an upcoming event, for the last couple days, and It's almost ready to unveil, but that's what's been keeping me busy lately.

Yesterday, I stepped outside in the warmest weather yet, this year, carrying my jacket that I assumed I would need later. I hopped on the 51 as it was pulling away from the transit plaza, and sat in real traffic on Broadway. I was excited for a moment, thinking that we might have some real traffic density in KC that would create a greater demand for public transportation. But my hopes were dashed when I saw that the traffic buildup was entirely because there was a construction-related lane closure, just before the light at 39th.

Anyway, I arrived at Eric's place at about 5:15 or something, way earlier than most evenings begin, and set about drinking beer, right away. I brought some Dogfish Head Indian Brown, Goose Island Christmas, New Belgium Frambozen, along with some of my own Grand Cru and Orange Amber. He had a case of Boulevard Wheat. Chris arrived soon after, and brought with him growlers of Green Chile Beer, and Katy Trail Pale Ale, from Flat Branch in Columbia. Jeff arrived a little after that, and brought some Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Bridgeport ESB, and Bridgeport IPA. Chad was the last to arrive, bringing two kinds of Spanish beer, including a delicious one called Estrella Galicia.

About ten of us sat around the table at Eric's place, drinking delicious beer, having a nice time, and developing a bit of a daylight buzz. At about nine, we all departed for the Westport Flea Market, which has recently come out from under the gun. It was going to be bulldozed and replaced with a Hooters. Nobody was happy about losing the world's best burger, and Midtown's best tap selection. We were such a large group, that we had to split up into two high-top tables, which, to my delight, had Megatouch XL machines on them.

Jeff and I prepared to play photohunt, made the necessary selections, and found that it went straight into some crazy version of the game that didn't involve frontal female nudity. Confused, I unplugged the machine(I was a little drunk) and plugged it back in again. As it turned on, I was further delighted to see that Photohunt runs on Linux, with the familiar bootup screen.

But, to our dismay, this photohunt machine, for some ludicrous reason, didn't have the real photohunt game, with frontal female nudity. It just showed random boring, nonsexual pictures, without a trace of frontal female nudity, and expected us to find differences between them. Aghast, we played on.

After we had slipped all of our ones into the evil linux photohunt machine, our crowd had been reduced to about half its earlier mass, so we consolidated tables, hung out for a little longer, and agreed to relocate to Harry's Country Club, down in the River Market. After an adventure of walking from the Flea Market to Linwood and Main, Matt, Jeff, and I hopped on the 57, and got back downtown.

When we got to Harry's, our group had dwindled to four. Rose, our favorite waitress, helped us with all beer-related concerns, and pressed me for the address of this website, so she could find her pictures online, and possibly tell me to take them down.

We stayed at Harry's until it closed at 1:30, and said good night to Matt and Ryan. Jeff and I then headed across the bridge to Anthony's, which stays open until 3. We stayed there until closing theoretically should have happened, and just took it upon ourselves to leave, as the patrons just went about their drinking and carrying on, as if it wasn't after 3.

I slept almost until 1pm today. It was a long night.

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I just received this from Sprint Soldier Louis. This is apparently what comes up for Sprint employees, when they try to load my webpage.


Forbidden: You do not have permission to access this page.

CLIENT_IP: foo bar DATE: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 14:18:59 GMT CATEGORY: Alcohol

ERROR: Access denied by WebWasher DynaBLocator content category. The

requested URL belongs to the following category: Alcohol.

URL: http://www.bahua.com/

Internet Conduct: Employees are expected to comply with the

following rules of conduct while on the Internet.

-Do not violate any Sprint policy or guideline when accessing the Internet.

-Do not represent being affiliated with Sprint or as speaking on behalf of

Sprint unless: (i) it is in the furtherance of job duties; and (ii) you have received

the approval of a director-level or above individual within his or her department to

do so.

-Do not transmit, post, display, print, forward, or otherwise disseminate

material that is fraudulent, illegal, harassing, offensive, sexually explicit,

obscene, threatening, infringing, defamatory or otherwise objectionable.

-Do not initiate or forward to others chain letters or other offensive messages.

-Do not engage in any activity or conduct which is contrary to the best interest

of or disloyal to Sprint.

To read the entire "Acceptable Internet Use" policy please access Section 2.9 in the

HR "Employee Resource Guide".

If you feel the Internet site you are trying to access should be allowed or is needed

for business reasons "Click Here" or type "helpdesk" (minus the quotes) in your web

browser and click the link to create an online ticket. In the online ticket please

provide the complete URL address you are attempting to access along with business

justification. VP approval is required for all requests.


Apparently, I'm running an alcohol site, which Sprint has deemed inappropriate for all of its employees. Good to know how grown up they are, over there.

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It's Back
Since 2003, I think I have really let myself go. Even my grandfather says to me, "you're not getting much exercise down in Kansas City, are you?" My exercise, as the two or three of you that watched my site at the time may have noticed, kind of fell off by mid July of that year. I went from going for a short run, about four or five days every week, to maybe squeezing one in every other week, before I just stopped altogether.

One unfortunate side effect of that was that my appetite, which had recently very heavily increased, did not subside, as my new metabolism required about 1/3 more fuel than before, I was now eating 1/3 more food, and not burning it off with precious exercise. I pretty quickly went from my "sort-of-in-shape" weight of 225, up to my present weight, about 255.

I'm only six-foot-one. 255 is way to much to weigh. I don't like how it looks, or how it feels, and worse, I think it's making the opposite sex overlook me, physically.

Therefore, for the sake of my health, my comfort, my happiness, and my vanity, I'm exercising again. To chronicle this, as I once did, I have reopened the Lard section of bahua dot com.

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Day One
I somehow hurt my foot last fall, playing kickball. The problem eventually just kind of went away, with the help of a new habit I took up, of going for long walks around town. But I was still a little leery about going for a run today, as the only tests of putting any real weight on my supposedly injured foot have been quick little darts across the street, and so on.

But, today, I ran from my door to Jefferson St, along 11th, walked for a bit, and then ran a lap of the path in Case Park, for a total running distance of perhaps a quarter of a mile. I intentionally took it easy, as the first week or so, I have decided, will be devoted to acclimating my body to the rigors of exercise, after two years of relative inactivity.

Another decision I have made, is that I will be eliminating fast food from my diet, and I will be generally avoiding beef.

It's all for the best.

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Lard Section Revived
The astute may notice a new option in the site navigation menu on the left side. I have reopened the Lard Section, as I am making another go at fitness and just general health, and I need your eyes on the page to keep me motivated. Or something.


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Congratulations, Julia!
My sister just called, and informed me that she had a great interview, and will thus be relocating to Boston, MA, in the next couple of weeks, to enjoy a manager position, and a happier share of compensation.

Also, she'll be 29 tomorrow. What a nice birthday present for her!

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Sophomore Effort
It's about 75 degrees outside, so I went for another short run today. I walked all the way to Case Park, ran one lap of the park path, and was too winded to run anymore, and "high speed walked" another lap, before I walked home. Baby steps, they say. I'm just trying to get my garbage bag of a body accustomed to exercise, and easing it along it the best idea, I think.

It's amazing how great I feel after I get any exercise. I came home happily sweaty, and with my heart beating at a frightening pace(the tingling means it's working!), and jumped in the shower. I also love how after exercising, the shower feels great, regardless of the temperature of the water.

I am now enjoying a fruit juice and some music. I highly recommend Broken Social Scene's self-titled album for running.

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Pizza and Mardi
Cole and I met Jeff down at Pizza 51 last night, and ate a delicious mess of pizza outside. It was over 60 degrees outside until about 10PM, so it was a really nice time, though I think if I had taken the Pepsi Challenge with the Boulevard Pale Ale I had there, and the pints I had later, at the Record Bar, I would definitely have been more than just suspicious of what they were pouring at Pizza 51. It's right by UMKC, so maybe those kids don't bother with the finer things in life, like Boulevard Pale Ale.

Three great occasions have fallen today. Today is Fat Tuesday, my sister's last birthday before thirty, and it's over 70 degrees outside. Therefore, I've arranged a group to go and sit out on the patio at McCoy's in Westport for happy hour, and possibly join in the Westport Mardi Gras Pubcrawl, going on later tonight.

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