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Taking pictures is something of a hobby for me. More important to me than the actual posterity of the moment though, is the fact that everything that's reasonably presentable be placed for semi-permanent display on this website. When I wrote this new version of the whole thing in 2007/2008, I discovered the fascinating disease-like clicking I start doing with the random image on the right side. Enjoy that. There are currently 4839 pictures in 83 albums, so happy hunting!

Zx44 Kentucky Derby 2009
PS1X Derek's Bachelor Party, February 2009
pi01 Splutschnik V: V is Five
f9Mh Confederate Brewtrip
cKUh Kentucky Derby, May 3, 2008
9wgT Third Annual KCATA Pubcrawl
ZUzk Steamboat Springs 2008
sqJM Splutschnik, the Three
Hurv Visiting Josh and Callie in San Francisco
zVLp Amanda and Jim's Wedding
n9ZB Halloween Boy-Girl Party II: Vohaul's Revenge
nW0D Minneapolis for Labor Day
yRPz The Great Canadian Brewtrip
h9QA Erin's Wedding
NgTR Sarah's Wedding
jOQm Cinco de Mayo, 2007
GZ2v The Second Annual KCATA Pubcrawl
QbyJ Kickball 2007
2Wyw St. Patrick's Day 2007
Oyh0 Christmas 2006
rbeb Halloween Party
ekhn Vince and JJ's Wedding
8NJI Bart and Catherine's Wedding
E1Dw West Coast Brewtrip
p9IX bahua turns 28, like a sucker
i6KC A Quality Party in Quantity Hill
ldgG Housewarming Party
XUTZ Memorial Day Weekend, 2006
UEra Cinco de Mayo, 2006
1tc3 First Annual KCATA Pubcrawl, April 22, 2006
uuqv Kansas City Barstool Open, February 11th, 2006
UNsj Kansas City, MLK Day weekend
OBQr New Year's 2006, Kansas City, MO
8iHn Peoria IL, Thanksgiving 2005
QVqu New Camera / Halloween in Kansas City 2005
bwaL Pittsburgh Wedding, Labor Day Weekend, 2005
7yDe Portland Trip, July 16th-24th, 2005
Gogg Clare's Wedding, July 9th, 2005
i5WW The Duders/Misfortunate Stain carry themselves majestically
lGPg Dave and Stacia get married, big time. June 10th, 2005
5kxJ Various Memorial Day Weekend Activities, May 2005
6VjM San Antonio, TX, April 2005
699o Dubuque, IA, April 2005
rOHn Kansas City, April 1st, 2005
dpVm Winterfest 2005, St. Paul, MN
nheU Extreme Beer Fest, Boston, MA, January 27-31, 2005
qLKX Iowa vs. Wisconsin, November 20th, 2004
xLIF Orlando Visit, October, 2004
mRq9 Josh and Anne's Wedding, October 16th, 2004
Tz0v New York, Labor Day 2004
6Ka5 Twenty Six years old in Minnesota
6pV7 bahua's pictures - Portland, Oregon - July 2004
fepN Fourth of July in Boston, 2004
5UKO Cleveland, June, 2004
6wbc Kelly Family Pool Party, June 2004
VFZ3 James and Jackie tie the Knot, June 5th, 2004
g8yp Boise, Idaho - May 24th-27th, 2004
VlUa Southern California - May 2004
h6Y7 Eastern Pennsylvania, April, 2004
MxwB Kansas City's West Bottoms Neighborhood
TlQu Aspen/Snowmass, New Year's Weekend, 2004
tReP Snow Attacks Kansas City!
OGgs Chicago Wedding, November 8th, 2003
feJZ October Miscellany
j1j5 A Jaunt to Beantown
hPp9 Quakecon 2003
4hrx St. Louis, July 20th-22nd 2003
X5PG 4th of July 2003 in Chicago
8Ipd KCGeek Third Anniversary Barbecue - May 17th, 2003
EMSr Royals vs. Indians, April 5th, 2003
G6EV St. Patrick's Day 2003, Kansas City, MO
qahr Ski Trip, February 2003
THFO Ireland Trip, February 7-16, 2003
2oHl Steve and Renae's Wedding
8iAK Homecoming 2002
NAmi Farm Party
JNy0 California Trip
2D0v Sweaty Party in Chicago
cptV Cleveland Trip
YVGi QuakeCon 2001
ZO7q Sandbar Party
yPqv Pool Party
Zfba Bahua's Random Crap
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