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4:04 PM, Feb 19, 2006 tweet this
Relaxing Saturday
It's about as cold as I've ever experienced, outside. At least, it's as cold as I've ever seen Kansas City get. Once, when I was twelve, Mom was helping us with the paper route, and I jumped up onto the running board of the moving van, and as she handed me an armload of papers, she said, "you're going fifteen miles per hour, hanging on the side of a van, and it's 23 degrees below zero." That was cold.

That said, it's nowhere near that cold in KC. Actually, the cold is basically behind us, and we are now enjoying "normal cold, " with temps hanging in the twenties. As Erp and I wandered around last night, I enjoyed some single-digit temps, to remind me of my childhood.

I met up with Geoff and Katie just before 4PM, for the Boulevard tour, where we met up with Craig, Jeff, and Claudia, and somehow managed to secure a precious table spot for the tasting session. I learned a little more about my upcoming responsibilities as a tourguide, and found that if I'm going to be able to answer all of the questions people ask me, I'll need to bone up on my beer know-how.

Craig gave me a ride home, and we agreed to meet later for drinks. So I went home, ate an unhealthy number of chicken nuggets, rocked out to some Tull, and headed to Grinders with Craig. The $2.50 "all-day, every day" price of Boulevard pints was well appreciated. Even so, we took our time, and just enjoyed a nice drink, before we headed over to the Cashew for someone's birthday party. The group we met was on their second stop of the night, having started at the Velvet Dog, and would soon be heading from the Cashew to the Levee. It struck me as kind of a crazy route, and in the cold, we didn't have any intention of going out of walking range of home, so instead, Craig and I went to the Cup, in the River Market.

Two guys were playing guitar, and the crowd was thinning out, until, before we even finished our beers, we were alone listening to the guitarists. The bartender turned some people away at the door, because I suppose last call had been already quietly called. Interestingly though, he offered us another round, which we declined, and headed to Tanner's for some cover band that was playing.

I wandered home at about 2AM, not quite drunk, but quite heedless to the biting cold, and went comfortably to bed.

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