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Beer and Buses
I've been working on an upcoming event, for the last couple days, and It's almost ready to unveil, but that's what's been keeping me busy lately.

Yesterday, I stepped outside in the warmest weather yet, this year, carrying my jacket that I assumed I would need later. I hopped on the 51 as it was pulling away from the transit plaza, and sat in real traffic on Broadway. I was excited for a moment, thinking that we might have some real traffic density in KC that would create a greater demand for public transportation. But my hopes were dashed when I saw that the traffic buildup was entirely because there was a construction-related lane closure, just before the light at 39th.

Anyway, I arrived at Eric's place at about 5:15 or something, way earlier than most evenings begin, and set about drinking beer, right away. I brought some Dogfish Head Indian Brown, Goose Island Christmas, New Belgium Frambozen, along with some of my own Grand Cru and Orange Amber. He had a case of Boulevard Wheat. Chris arrived soon after, and brought with him growlers of Green Chile Beer, and Katy Trail Pale Ale, from Flat Branch in Columbia. Jeff arrived a little after that, and brought some Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Bridgeport ESB, and Bridgeport IPA. Chad was the last to arrive, bringing two kinds of Spanish beer, including a delicious one called Estrella Galicia.

About ten of us sat around the table at Eric's place, drinking delicious beer, having a nice time, and developing a bit of a daylight buzz. At about nine, we all departed for the Westport Flea Market, which has recently come out from under the gun. It was going to be bulldozed and replaced with a Hooters. Nobody was happy about losing the world's best burger, and Midtown's best tap selection. We were such a large group, that we had to split up into two high-top tables, which, to my delight, had Megatouch XL machines on them.

Jeff and I prepared to play photohunt, made the necessary selections, and found that it went straight into some crazy version of the game that didn't involve frontal female nudity. Confused, I unplugged the machine(I was a little drunk) and plugged it back in again. As it turned on, I was further delighted to see that Photohunt runs on Linux, with the familiar bootup screen.

But, to our dismay, this photohunt machine, for some ludicrous reason, didn't have the real photohunt game, with frontal female nudity. It just showed random boring, nonsexual pictures, without a trace of frontal female nudity, and expected us to find differences between them. Aghast, we played on.

After we had slipped all of our ones into the evil linux photohunt machine, our crowd had been reduced to about half its earlier mass, so we consolidated tables, hung out for a little longer, and agreed to relocate to Harry's Country Club, down in the River Market. After an adventure of walking from the Flea Market to Linwood and Main, Matt, Jeff, and I hopped on the 57, and got back downtown.

When we got to Harry's, our group had dwindled to four. Rose, our favorite waitress, helped us with all beer-related concerns, and pressed me for the address of this website, so she could find her pictures online, and possibly tell me to take them down.

We stayed at Harry's until it closed at 1:30, and said good night to Matt and Ryan. Jeff and I then headed across the bridge to Anthony's, which stays open until 3. We stayed there until closing theoretically should have happened, and just took it upon ourselves to leave, as the patrons just went about their drinking and carrying on, as if it wasn't after 3.

I slept almost until 1pm today. It was a long night.

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