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My Foot
I have spent the last couple of weeks simply enjoying Kansas City on a budget of just about nothing. I am still looking for a roommate, and have hit a development that may allay my budgetary issues soon. We'll have to wait and see.

After yet another successful kickball matchup against "Ghost Man on Third," there was much rejoicing. However, in just about the last play of the game, I was up, and kicked a nice line drive over the pitcher's head that bounced just behind second base. I suppose I was admiring the kick so much that I wasn't really watching where I was going. The kick didn't cause enough of a stir for me to make it to second base, but I rounded first nonetheless. As I stepped on the bag with my right foot, I guess I twisted my body wrong, or something, because when I stepped on my left, I felt a very satisfying, but very alarming pop in my left foot.

Almost immediately, I found it painful to put weight on my left foot. Recalling the incident when I broke my leg, making fun of Tim Casey, a jolt of alarm shot through me. Before I could ask for a pinch-runner, though, the inning ended with a pop fly, and I hobbled into the dugout. The game ended soon thereafter, thankfully without any plays that required any action from me. I caught up with friends, shotgunned a beer, and went home.

The next morning, it was impossible to walk without limping, yet no swelling at all had occurred. I had a meeting in Leavenworth that day, that forced me onto my injured foot, in which I had by this time isolated the location of the pain to the top of the arch. A couple of days passed, and it got to the point that I was able to walk comfortably, without limping, and without any pain, such that I was able to take a walk to and from Washington Square Park, with roundabout routes, a walk of several miles, without any showstopping pain. The only reason I stopped walking was because it was getting dark.

At this point I must state that having an mp3 player while walking is just wonderful. Further, a shirt with a breast pocket makes this experience all the more convenient.

By the time I saw a doctor this week(my first run-in with the medical industry since my broken foot, almost six years ago), no apparent damage could be divined from the X-ray images, and I was at complete ease while walking. Running, however, was and still is quite excruciating. I walked a couple of miles last night, in my normal Friday night happenings, and had, at one point, to run across Grand to avoid the angry carhorns of suburban people bound for the Cashew to watch the rescheduled Chiefs-Dolphins game. The pain from that five-second jog made it apparent to me that I have not yet healed.

The doctor recommended some insoles for everyday use, and I must say that I'm sorry I haven't been using them all my life. They make walking long distances immeasurably more comfortable and less tiring.

In other news, I get to leave town for five or six days, starting tomorrow, for a simulation exercise way the hell out in Salina(pronounced "Sa-lie-nah," and not "Sa-lee-nah," like any intelligent person would assume), KS. At the bare minimum per diem rate of $60 for lodging and $30 for meals, per day, and a nightlife considered boring even by Baptists, I will be doing a lot of sitting and staring. I suppose It'll be nice to have a couple of days on the company, though.

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me_too commented:
I had the same problem. Someone else told me to got get some inserts as well. I think I will now that it is "Bahua Approved".

8:15 AM, Oct 23, 2005

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