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7:52 PM, May 10, 2003 toot this
5/10/2003 8:52 PM
Brian and I found a new bar over the weekend. A nice place with reasonable drink prices, within walking distance, and with more women than I'd ever know what to do with. The Velvet Dog is a rock/cajun/trendy type bar. It's only about four blocks away, in a direction I used to be rather afraid to walk: north. My fears were unfounded, because the walk is not only easy, but very short. Much shorter than I thought. I guess this is the kind of feeling one gets when they start running regularly. It's a half mile away, and it had never previously occurred to me to walk to it. Brian and I went to Boulevard on Saturday, for a tour, and followed that with another visit to the Velvet Dog. We watched A Mighty Wind afterwards, and enjoyed it thoroughly, even though the projector bulb died at least three times, during relatively pivotal parts of the movie. As usual, we spent Sunday just relaxing.

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