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9:57 AM, Feb 27, 2006 toot this
I just received this from Sprint Soldier Louis. This is apparently what comes up for Sprint employees, when they try to load my webpage.


Forbidden: You do not have permission to access this page.

CLIENT_IP: foo bar DATE: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 14:18:59 GMT CATEGORY: Alcohol

ERROR: Access denied by WebWasher DynaBLocator content category. The

requested URL belongs to the following category: Alcohol.

URL: http://www.bahua.com/

Internet Conduct: Employees are expected to comply with the

following rules of conduct while on the Internet.

-Do not violate any Sprint policy or guideline when accessing the Internet.

-Do not represent being affiliated with Sprint or as speaking on behalf of

Sprint unless: (i) it is in the furtherance of job duties; and (ii) you have received

the approval of a director-level or above individual within his or her department to

do so.

-Do not transmit, post, display, print, forward, or otherwise disseminate

material that is fraudulent, illegal, harassing, offensive, sexually explicit,

obscene, threatening, infringing, defamatory or otherwise objectionable.

-Do not initiate or forward to others chain letters or other offensive messages.

-Do not engage in any activity or conduct which is contrary to the best interest

of or disloyal to Sprint.

To read the entire "Acceptable Internet Use" policy please access Section 2.9 in the

HR "Employee Resource Guide".

If you feel the Internet site you are trying to access should be allowed or is needed

for business reasons "Click Here" or type "helpdesk" (minus the quotes) in your web

browser and click the link to create an online ticket. In the online ticket please

provide the complete URL address you are attempting to access along with business

justification. VP approval is required for all requests.


Apparently, I'm running an alcohol site, which Sprint has deemed inappropriate for all of its employees. Good to know how grown up they are, over there.


Jesse thinks:
Just have to smarter then the guy who sets up your firewall. Your still live to some of the Sprint Brethren.

5:55 AM, Feb 27, 2006

Rachel wants you to know:

11:53 AM, Feb 27, 2006

chicus thinks:
I wonder where they got the idea that your site is about alcohol? Mardi Gras pub crawl, Beer and Buses, Barstool Pictures. Calendar of happy hour, beer university, and st. patty's day. The entire DOTW section (even if it has only had one update in the last year).

It may be dumb but it seems like their alcohol filter works pretty well. ;)

12:46 PM, Feb 28, 2006

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