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1:13 PM, Feb 28, 2006 toot this
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Sophomore Effort
It's about 75 degrees outside, so I went for another short run today. I walked all the way to Case Park, ran one lap of the park path, and was too winded to run anymore, and "high speed walked" another lap, before I walked home. Baby steps, they say. I'm just trying to get my garbage bag of a body accustomed to exercise, and easing it along it the best idea, I think.

It's amazing how great I feel after I get any exercise. I came home happily sweaty, and with my heart beating at a frightening pace(the tingling means it's working!), and jumped in the shower. I also love how after exercising, the shower feels great, regardless of the temperature of the water.

I am now enjoying a fruit juice and some music. I highly recommend Broken Social Scene's self-titled album for running.


Gulia offered:
This is great John! A little accuntability never hurt anyone. Also, the elimination of Fast food is a smart choice! Good luck to you and we'll all be watching as the pounds slip away!

7:00 AM, Mar 1, 2006

Rachel had this to say:
I got a rock 'n roll brother! I got a rock 'n roll brother!

9:21 AM, Mar 1, 2006

Jeff brooked no delay in saying:
Buy a bag of apples and keep a plie of them around your place. Great snack food. Plus, you LOOK healthy eating them walking around.

9:25 AM, Mar 1, 2006

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