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9:34 AM, Feb 5, 2006 toot this
Bus Pub Crawl
I got up at 10, with every intention of jumping into the shower in an immediate fashion, but wound up writing a review for some bar somewhere for some website, taking a crap, and heading to the bus stop to find that my bus wasn't coming for 20 minutes. I swore aloud.

After a very lively ride to Waldo, I met up with Jeff at Waldo Pizza, and began our crawl. We went from Waldo Pizza, to Charlie Hooper's, to The Peanut, to Tomfooleries, to The Newsroom, to Davey's Uptown, to Smokin' Joe's barbecue, to The Drum Room, to 12 Baltimore, before it was decided that we had been along for quite long enough. I walked home, put on some Elton John on my mp3 player, and sang along. "Hold me closer, Tony Danza!"

It was exceptionally cold today, with high winds and temperatures crapping on my face, in the twenties. Luckily, we never had to wait long for a bus, and our $3 day passes made the whole experience much, much easier.

I should do this every Saturday.

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