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6:57 PM, Feb 8, 2006 toot this
A Quick Bleh
Josh and I went to Harling's last night, for what is apparently the last Big Band night for a couple of weeks. I suppose some people have wives and girlfriends to attend to, even musicians. We rounded off the evening with a can apiece of Old Milwaukee, and singing along with songs on the bar's stereo. We then went to Pancho's for big potatoey burritos, and impending stomach problems.

I went in the office again today, and stayed busy the whole time I was there. It was very satisfying. I even stayed later than a lot of the people there. I got home, ate some nothing, took off my pants and overshirt, and watched about five episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. During said sloth, I tried to have a text message tete-a-tete, which just didn't work out. I think sometimes that I am just a bit too enamoured with technology.

So, to celebrate, I'm getting out of the house. I'm headed over to 12/Baltimore to have a drink with Cole, and to gawk at the unfairly attractive waitresses and their little skirts.

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