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10:25 AM, Mar 6, 2004 toot this
A Good Friday
Brian and I went down to the Crossroads district last night, for First Friday, and had a good time. We started off with dinner and drinks at Manny's, and then wandered from gallery to gallery, drinking wine after complimentary wine. The last gallery we went to was adjacent to a cafe of some kind that, upon closer scrutiny in memory, was probably a private party. There were a couple of guys playing guitars, and one guy alternating between guitar and violin. We walked in, and didn't see anyone giving out drinks, and evidently, we had looks of confusion on our faces because of this. Drawn by our confused looks, a guy approached us and asked us if we were looking for something in particular. Brian said(rather quickly, in my opinion), "Beer."

We exchanged some more confused looks with this guy, whose name turned out to be Trevor, and another guy, named Tom, who I am pretty sure was Trevor's father, interjected, "Do we need more beer?" "No," Trevor said. "These guys just want some beer." "Well, what are you waiting for," asked Tom. They then outfitted us with some tasty beers, and we sat down to enjoy them, and the music that was being played. It turns out Tom thought that we were friends of Trevor, and when he found out we weren't, he seemed no less willing to give us beer. As First Friday gets more popular, I hope that this kind of friendliness stays with it.

We walked over to Jilly's, at that point, and enjoyed some two-dollar pints of Leinie's Red. It was a very agreeable night.


Carl brooked no delay in saying:
"They then outfitted us with some tasty beers"

What were those tasty beers?

7:36 PM, Mar 6, 2004

bahua commented:
Amazingly, it was Michelob(not ultra, just regular kind). It had never occurred to me that it could be tasty, but it was.

10:15 PM, Mar 6, 2004

Blas wants you to know:
Ultra is evil!!!! It is the only beer I have ever sent back.

9:03 AM, Mar 8, 2004

Lev cut in with:
Mic isn't so bad. Most of the American Lagers are drinkable if you don't get the 'Lite' versions.

5:02 PM, Mar 8, 2004

bahua chimed in with:
Yeah. First Friday's is a monthly opening of a bunch of art galleries in the Crossroads art district, here in KC. It's a lot of fun, and there are always a lot of people to watch/stalk.

10:04 PM, Mar 8, 2004

Gulia had this to say:
What is First Fridays? sounds like you enjoying art...is that what you ment by galleries?

7:37 AM, Mar 9, 2004

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