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8:34 AM, Dec 14, 2003 toot this
Some Snow for ya's
Just spotted this, while I was setting my affairs in order for being oncall. I hope it's the real deal, because up until now, this war hasn't seemed to accomplish much but create anarchy. Here's to hope.

Instead of going out on Friday night, and spending money that doesn't exist, I went and forked over sixteen dollars and sixty seven cents(I had exact change) at the "right next to our house" location of Pizza Hut. On Saturday, Brian and I went around Kansas City, capturing with digital media the city in its "Snow" form. It was very pretty, and the weather was very forgiving. As we drove around, we looked at people shoveling their driveways and sidewalks of the newly-fallen four inches, I joked, "Ha! Homeowners." The pictures will be up soon.

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Lev interrupted with:
Also, get on DC. I need more Guster.

11:20 AM, Dec 14, 2003

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