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Kids and Barstools
I got paid in the wee hours on Friday morning, and thus paid several hundreds of dollars worth of bills before running off to the office for a record third time in one week. The Division is going through a change of command, and it's important for all of us to meet with the new people, make them feel welcome, and make ourselves available.

I came home after work, and received an invitation to a party way, way out in South KC, in the triple-digit streets. On the way, I took the bus to Waldo, and met up with Jeff and Josh at 75th St Brewery, to throw around our mug club memberships. Callie and her friend April picked us up and drove us out into the boonies for a party that turned out to be a gathering of just-of-age and underage kids, hilariously shushing each other for fear of a police visit.

We called it an early night, as Josh and I had bigger things going on, the next morning, and they dropped me off at home at about one o'clock, in time for me to get a nice night's sleep before the next day's exploits.

I got up at nine thirty, showered, dressed, grabbed my putter out of my trunk, and headed toward the Peanut for the opening hole of the Barstool Open. After a productive run around downtown, we were all feeling goofy, and by six o'clock, I had had about enough, and went home. I got home, grabbed some dinner, read a bit, announced to Heidi that I was in for the night, wrote this entry, and went to bed.

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