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Sorry I've been so sluggish with updating. A combination of being extremely busy, and being extremely lazy has come over me in the last few weeks. I am currently in the apartment of one Amanda Carr, and in addition, one Abby Ellingson, as I stop here on the way to Madison for James and Jackie's wedding on Saturday. Amanda and I will leave for the wedding tomorrow, after she gets off work, and scads of fun will be had, whether we choose as such or not.

Tonight, we(Amanda, Abby, Naomi, Vince, James, Adriana, Amanda's friend Brian, and me) went out to some place in Uptown in Minneapolis, where we had the next DOTW, but I need to put the next DOTW up, that's up before that one, first.

In conclusion, I am a little tipsy, and quite happy that my friends have high-speed internet.

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Months of no pictures
Yeah, so sorry about that. I don't look at this site with Internet Explorer, so I didn't see the problem. Now that I'm at someone else's house, on an IE-only computer, I see the problem that existed with some of the picture pages, and I have repaired it. Again, I am officially sorry. Your refund check is in the mail.

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Back from Wisconsin
I got back to town late last night, and crashed about as soon as my head touched the pillow. Compared to most things that only require that you sit still, travelling seems by far the most tiring. Amanda and I left Madison at noon, got to Minneapolis by 5, and I made it home by 11:30. Sigh.

The wedding was great, though. It was awesome watching James watch Jackie, throughout the day. After the rehearsal was over, a couple of us went over to the Blue Moon, a bar about two blocks from the hotel, where most notably Steve, and to a lesser extent, Amanda, finished off the task of getting drunk. I drank beer all day on Saturday, but I never did get drunk. I suppose I must have had my mind on other things.

After an entire day spent driving, and a slightly short night's sleep, I'm at work, struggling to stay awake and sane.

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Just before the wedding this past weekend, I drove up to Minneapolis to pick up Amanda, and decided that it'd be easier to show up on Thursday night, and leave with her after she got off work on Friday afternoon. With this in mind, she planned an evening out(referenced here), modeled after the desires of my own heart. We went to William's in Uptown Minneapolis, where I saw the hallowed Two-Hearted Ale on tap, and drank several. But, since I was already quite familiar with it, and on the road, I decided to go a bit more local, and decided on a local beer: Summit Maibock.


It pours almost the same color as the table where we sat, which is very confusing at times. Notice Vince's beer across from mine is full of the same beer. He was the only one in the mood for a DOTW. It was very tasty, with a slightly sweet flavor that still delivered an insubordinate kick when I felt like I had defeated it.


Then, after I defeated the beer, my camera defeated it with some helacious flash-glare.


After the DOTW was over, we discovered the two-for-one high life special. I went through two glasses of the "Champagne of Beers," before I returned to forking out the money for real beer. Vince and Amanda both ordered full-sized pitchers of hot wings. Gross. Amanda later told me that the very idea of McDonald's for dinner makes her feel ill. I find that hard to believe, looking at the picture below.


Ratings (out of ten):

Flavor: 8 (This really isn't a fair rating, as I generally love Maibocks, but you have no say in the matter, so I feel justified in my tyrannical decision.)

Body: 7 (Like any good Maibock, it's very robust, yet just as sweet as the onset of May.)

Aroma: 8 (Maibocks smell good, and this is no exception.)

Smoothness: 7 (Its flavor is what makes it go down so smoothly. Its higher than average alcohol content makes it dangerous for that.)

Price: 3 (At 5.50 a frigging glass, the least they could do is get it to my table within a reasonable span. In conclusion, it's expensive, and Brian, Amanda's friend informed me that the prices for the beers on tap are never reduced for any reason.)

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Two weeks of DOTW
All at once! That's what happens when I get sluggish with pulling pictures off the camera. Enjoy two helpings of beer on tap here.

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More pictures
I have completed the picture pages for Boise, and the wedding in Madison, this weekend. Hip hip!

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Go Royaalll1!
Woo! The royals are great! Way to finally frigging close the deal, Affeldt. It's been a long time since I've seen only two pitchers in one royals game. Cellar battles 4 evar! PS I love beer.

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Boston Lager
I know it's a bit early for another DOTW, but seeing as how I left everyone hanging for about two weeks, I feel as though I have some making up to do. Plus, Brian got back from Pennsylvania today, and it'd been a while since we had a beer together. So, we went and had three.

We went around the corner to Tanner's on Broadway, and saw that their tap selection is really dwindling. They have two identical sets of 16 taps. On each of their two rails of taps, they have two of each of the following: Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, and Coors Light. This works out to half of their 32 taps being occupied by what I call "grey beer." Very disappointing, in my opinion. We each tried some local beers we had never had before, from Pony Express and Flying Monkey, which were both very tasty. Brian was ready for the Sam Adams before I was.


Then, I got the lead out, and but the beer in, and received my Adams. Here's what it looked like.


From start to finish, it's a wonderful beer, with something new to notice, every time you drink it. For such a common beer, it really is a gem, and it's always gone quickly.


Ratings (out of ten):

Flavor: 9 (It surprises me every time I taste it. It's like it does a backflip in my mouth. I suppose it kind of does.)

Body: 8 (This is a beer that keeps your attention, with a big, full-bodied character. It will not be ignored.)

Aroma: 6 (It doesn't have much of an aroma, but it still makes me salivate when I smell it.)

Smoothness: 6 (It's not very smooth, but it distracts you from that with its flavor.)

Price: 9 (Hooray for happy hour! $2.50 a glass will do just fine.)

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Day of Mourning
The government, and hence, my company, will be observing the recent death of Ronald Reagan by giving themselves a three-day weekend. I observed this fact by going and getting you another DOTW. Enjoy.

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Sparse Days
Forgive me, in the next couple of weeks, if I am a bit irregular with site updates. Out of the next thirty days, I'll be home for thirteen of them, as I travel almost back to back, to Peoria, Cleveland, Boston, and Portland. After Portland, in late July, I have a bit of personal time, after which I'll immediately leave for Paso Robles, CA again. I'll get lots of pictures and dotws in that time, but they'll probably all be a little late in arriving in the public view. All I ask is that you just sit patiently, and see what Strong Bad is up to, while I'm gone.

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Sunshine Wheat
My new camera came today. I thought that it'd provide an excellent opportunity to go and get you another beer. Combine that with the fact that on Tuesdays, Barley's in Shawnee gives out free pint glasses with a glass of the special of the week, which just happened to be this week's offering from New Belgium.

I was reminded that there was beer to be had at Barley's, by Brian drinking, ironically, another New Belgium beer: Trippel.


He's heading out of town soon, only to return for visits, as he just got that job in Chicago that he was fiending after for so long. Needless to say, his spirits have been high lately.


Our very attractive waitress helped us out with beer recommendations, even though it turned out she wasn't over 21, herself, and informed us of this week's special. We finished dinner, and the glasses came promptly.


It pours very yellow, but as with other beers that I have shown you, looks can be deceiving. It is actually a delicious beer, and Brian and I both lamented the fact that we had never tasted it before. Amazingly, though it is clear, it is considered a wheat beer, but doesn't have the cloudy characteristic of most hefeweizen beers you find today, that are all the rage. Also, it's very fruity, but in a good way.


DOTW is always over too quickly. After leaving, we put on some Postal Service and Daler Mendhi on Brian's Karma, and Brian rocked out so hard, he missed our exit, so we wound up going all the way up to where I-435 goes back into Missouri, near the airport, and had to strike our way home from there on two-lane roads.


The speed limit on said roads was 55, but this is the speed we managed, because of some people in front of us that were in no particular hurry.


Oh well.

Ratings (out of ten):

Flavor: 7 (It has a real pilsener flavor to it: sharp and to the point.... even though it's an ale.)

Body: 8 (This may sound odd, but I get a distinct taste in the finish that reminds me of Fruit Loops cereal. Don't yell at me, Brian thought so too.)

Aroma: 7 (For a yellow beer, it smells excellent, and leads the drinker into a much more complex beer than meets the eye.)

Smoothness: 8 (Has great replay value. It really surprised me with how drinkable it is.)

Price: 9 (At $2.50 a glass, I definitely cannot complain.)

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Another New Section
I have officially retired the forums section, mostly from a lack of interest from the people that do frequent the site, and to replace it, I have created a new section for the rants and drivel of a college friend. Wander on over to the Lyons Den, if you get the chance.

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Fun time, Bad trip
I just got back from Peoria, this morning, and I still have a lot of non-work-related work to do, what with all the pictures I took, and keeping both of you abreast of my doings. Brian drove me to the train station in Galesburg last night, about fifteen or twenty minutes earlier than Amtrak dot gov said the train would be departing. As we approached the train station, the train starting rolling away.

So, I called some airlines, to get an idea what it'd cost to fly from Peoria to Kansas City with no notice. I got my answer, which I was expecting: a lot. Northwest wanted $430 to get me into town at 11:30 AM, after leaving Peoria at 6 AM. Anyway, it turned out that Southwest is still the greatest airline ever. They came through with a one-hour nonstop at 7 AM for just over $100, fully refundable, and to boot, they were able to look me up in the Rapid Rewards system to get me credit for this flight.

Geoff picked me up when my plane landed, as the airport is on the way to work, and we went into work. Upon arrival I realized that neither the 35th, nor my partner are in the office at all, this week. So, I have no need to be in the office for more than an hour or two, any day of the week, or at all, today. I suppose I could have gotten a lter flight than 7 AM, but it'll do, and all I can offer Amy and Brian for abiding a 3 AM departure time is my greatest thanks and deepest apologies.

Hopefully I'll get some sleep, this week. In the meantime, expect pictures, and have a look at the new Den.

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Poolparty Pics Up
I have finished the page for the pictures I took in Peoria, this past weekend. Have a look at them here.

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Strong Bad
I made a little page full of links to each Strong Bad Email. Perhaps I will link it somewhere else on the site, but I think http://bahua.com/sbemail.bdc is easy enough to remember, for now.

8:57 AM, Jun 24, 2004 toot this
I received an invitation to use Gmail recently, and have signed up for an account. I am just amazed by how nice it is. It isn't just the 1 GB of storage that amazes me, but the user interface that I find impressive. It's very fast, powered by some form of javascript, apparently written specifically for use on this service. All in all, I find it to be unequivocally better than any web-based email I have ever seen. When I get some invitations to give away, I'll work on weaning my friends off of hotmail.

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Golden Monkey
I visited my sister in Cleveland, this past weekend, and got to see the city pretty well, as well as earn a blister or two. On my first night in town, Julia and I met some of her friends:


...at a bar in Lakewood, called the Winking Lizard. The bar had an excellent selection of beers, both on tap, and in bottles. On our first sitdown, we decided on the featured beer of the week, Victory's high-alcohol, Belgian-style tripel, Golden Monkey. Because of its high content and bang for the buck, it comes in a small, fancy-looking glass.


It pours a deep golden color, like most tripels. Like most tripels, it looks dauntingly lower in quality than it really is. Maybe that's why they only charged us $3.50. From start to finish, it's a wonderful glass of beer, with more to discover in each sip.


Anyway, I switched to Great Lakes' Edmund Fitzgerald Porter after that. Now that is another delicious beer.

Ratings (out of ten):

Flavor: 9 (As Belgian triples go, this stacks up well against ones actually made in Belgium.)

Body: 6 (The taste stays with you, but its alcohol content(9.5% by volume) really starts to show, when that happens.)

Aroma: 6 (I can say nothing about it, as I just don't remember it.)

Smoothness: 8 (While it does have a bite, it is still uncommonly smooth.)

Price: 8 (Maybe drinks are just cheaper in Cleveland. It only cost $3.50.)


Yep, they were showing a fishing show in the otherwise classy bar.

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Cleveland Rocked
I got back to town at about 11 AM yesterday, after a couple of hours of flight and a heck of a weekend. Pictures are in processing, right now. I have a short week to spend in Kansas City, the last I'll have with my brother living here, before I get on yet another plane to go to Boston for the 4th of July. I am quite a mover, lately.

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Cleveland Pictures
I have finished the page for the pictures I took from my trip to Cleveland, this past weekend. Have a look at them here.

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Brian is Gone
I came home to an empty apartment today. Brian drove off at about noon today with the moving van. I hope he loves his new job, and I wish him all the best, but I already miss him, and consider myself lucky to have had him as a roommate for these last 21 months. I guess now I have two months to find a roommate, before really feeling the sting of the expenses. Maybe I should make a website feature. More on that later, if anything develops.

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Spiderman 2
It's awesome. Go and see it. That is all.

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