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10:15 PM, Jun 21, 2004 toot this
Fun time, Bad trip
I just got back from Peoria, this morning, and I still have a lot of non-work-related work to do, what with all the pictures I took, and keeping both of you abreast of my doings. Brian drove me to the train station in Galesburg last night, about fifteen or twenty minutes earlier than Amtrak dot gov said the train would be departing. As we approached the train station, the train starting rolling away.

So, I called some airlines, to get an idea what it'd cost to fly from Peoria to Kansas City with no notice. I got my answer, which I was expecting: a lot. Northwest wanted $430 to get me into town at 11:30 AM, after leaving Peoria at 6 AM. Anyway, it turned out that Southwest is still the greatest airline ever. They came through with a one-hour nonstop at 7 AM for just over $100, fully refundable, and to boot, they were able to look me up in the Rapid Rewards system to get me credit for this flight.

Geoff picked me up when my plane landed, as the airport is on the way to work, and we went into work. Upon arrival I realized that neither the 35th, nor my partner are in the office at all, this week. So, I have no need to be in the office for more than an hour or two, any day of the week, or at all, today. I suppose I could have gotten a lter flight than 7 AM, but it'll do, and all I can offer Amy and Brian for abiding a 3 AM departure time is my greatest thanks and deepest apologies.

Hopefully I'll get some sleep, this week. In the meantime, expect pictures, and have a look at the new Den.

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