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10:13 AM, Jun 4, 2004 toot this
Sorry I've been so sluggish with updating. A combination of being extremely busy, and being extremely lazy has come over me in the last few weeks. I am currently in the apartment of one Amanda Carr, and in addition, one Abby Ellingson, as I stop here on the way to Madison for James and Jackie's wedding on Saturday. Amanda and I will leave for the wedding tomorrow, after she gets off work, and scads of fun will be had, whether we choose as such or not.

Tonight, we(Amanda, Abby, Naomi, Vince, James, Adriana, Amanda's friend Brian, and me) went out to some place in Uptown in Minneapolis, where we had the next DOTW, but I need to put the next DOTW up, that's up before that one, first.

In conclusion, I am a little tipsy, and quite happy that my friends have high-speed internet.

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Carl had this to say:
Amanda, Abby, and Naomi haven't changed a bit since college. Lookin' good ladies!

5:42 AM, Jun 7, 2004

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