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11:15 AM, Jul 8, 2002 toot this
7/8/2002 12:15 AM
My brother has his own page now, and sets the record of being the oldest technophile who has never had a webpage before. With this in mind, I have been saddled with the responsibility of hosting him. He roped me into trying "iframes," for my site facelift. Check out his page here.

2:45 PM, Jul 8, 2002 toot this
7/8/2002 3:45 PM
New page look. Hope you both like it. I think I'm still going to redo the page in tables, and forgo the inconvenient frames. If things get as exciting as they normally are at 3 AM, at work tonight, I might "upgrade" the page then.

5:50 PM, Jul 8, 2002 toot this
7/8/2002 6:50 PM
Okay, I couldn't stand it any longer, especially after seeing how shoddy the page looks in IE, which I hear is what lots of people use. I changed the page to tables, and it should be much friendlier to alternative browsers and such, now. Have a lot of fun.

6:30 AM, Jul 9, 2002 toot this
7/9/2002 7:30 AM
I made a few more improvements to the site, and have more on the burner. It was a pretty hectic night at work, especially after a 4-day weekend. I look forward to a long day's sleep.

11:15 AM, Jul 10, 2002 toot this
7/10/2002 12:15 AM
This morning, I worked out a "delete user" script, to go along with an "add user" script that I made(which works very well). Well, it would seem that I need a to do a little more tuning to the "delete user" script, because if a command-line argument is not supplied, the entire '/home' directory gets deep-sixed, like mine did this morning. I lost some password files, some movie files, and the full texts of The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and The Lord of The Rings. Also, my brother's whole webpage was iced, but he had the foresight to back it all up, a short time ago. In response to this unfortunate turn of events, I have backed up my webpage's files to another machine, and plan on making CD backups of any more full texts I get. I'm retarded.

3:33 PM, Jul 14, 2002 toot this
7/14/2002 4:33 PM
I had a nice weekend. I started it out, Friday morning, with a 9:30 AM beer at Kelly's, in Westport, with an accompaniment of donuts immediately following work. Following that, I promised a bunch of people that I'd meet them for bowling, but accidentally slept through it. The first day off after third shift is always the toughest. Saturday morning, I followed some buddies to PCMutants, to see the layout at their new location, in KCK. Later that same day, I took a trip up to a car dealership, to have a look at a Subaru WRX Sedan. It was amazing. It behaves exactly like a car should. After that, we took a tour at Boulevard Brewery, also here in KC. We enjoyed an extended "sampling" period, and got slightly loopy on stout and porter. Later in the evening, I had a 35-mile field trip with my friends Joel and Susie, to various drinking establishments, searching for the ideal bar. After repeated disappointment, we returned, as we always do, to the Newsroom, to the sight of attractive lesbians dancing and making out. I had a good Saturday.

4:25 AM, Jul 17, 2002 toot this
7/17/2002 5:25 AM
I just made and installed a script to back my website files up, compress them, and store them on a different machine, once a day, just in case an electrical surge, or another one of my bumbling scripts causes the deletion of those files. It's been pretty slow for me at work, as the only official responsibility I have this week is to build, facilitate, and deliver our shift turnover. The bulk of that takes place at 7 AM or so, so I've been trying to keep busy. I've been logging into tons of machines at work, making sure my login still works. I've also been trying to read and debug the scores and scores of shell script, perl, and sql code that makes up the platforms we support. I need training, or at least, some kind of instruction. I think I'll buy a perl book. I'm looking forward to the party this weekend.

9:00 AM, Jul 21, 2002 toot this
7/21/2002 10:00 AM
I write this from Chicago, IL, where I am staying for a very brief time at my brother's place, though he is not here. I went to a party in Tonica, IL, yesterday, and was having a pretty good time until I started to feel sick. Brian's roommate Eric was left high and dry by my sister, who decided to leave without telling him, and he was ready to go. This was about 10:30 PM. So, Eric and I left, and I agreed to take him back to Chicago, and I would stay there that night. Stay there I did, and I just got a wonderful sleep. I look forward to a 8 hour+ trip home today, across the wilds of Iowa, where I might drop in on some friends who live en route. I got lots of pictures from this weekend, and when I get back home, I'll get them all up for you.

3:32 AM, Jul 23, 2002 toot this
7/23/2002 4:32 AM
It's been an exhaustingly sleepy night back at work this week. That always happens when I leave town, and get into a crazy schedule when I start sleeping at night. In other news, don't buy smartcard readers made by memorex. They do a bad job. Once I find a card reader worth having, I'll have those pictures I mentioned earlier up for you.

1:34 AM, Jul 26, 2002 toot this
7/26/2002 2:34 AM
Tonight is my last night of work this week, before I head off to Chicago, to see my one of my favorite bands. So far(knock on neoprene), it's been awfully slow. Geoff and Bryan are off tonight for various(two) reasons, and Elaine has training in the morning. She won't be in until 4, and Roger, from second shift, who doesn't really have much of an idea of what we do on third shift, has been helping out. However, Louis and I have been weathering the storm admirably. Today, I went down to Microcenter, and wandered around the store for an hour and a half or so, with a buddy. I wound up buying a new sound card for my linux desktop machine, along with a soundcard audio-out to stereo RCA cable. I bought the card, because it looks exactly like an SBlive Value from the picture on the box, and I wanted a card that I could use for my linux machine. It was pretty foolish of me to make this purchase, based on the physical appearance of the card, but it appeared to be a quality card, and linux seems to support just about everything, anyway. Also, even Microcenter wanted $35 for it, so it must be a semi-decent card, to begin with. It turns out that it supports six speakers, a gamepad, and a subwoofer. I hastily opened the package when I got home, and saw in the manual(thank GOD it had a manual) that it's a CMI8738-based card. A quick look through kernel configuration showed that that card was not only supported, but all its features were too. Hooray for dumb luck! One reboot and hardware install later, and I have sound working on my linux desktop machine. Anyway, we're going to Goose Island tonight. I'm thirsty.

12:37 AM, Jul 31, 2002 toot this
7/31/2002 1:37 AM
Work has continued to progress, and I have been placed in charge of Business Billing this week. I went to Chicago over the weekend. It's always nice to visit that town, and the fact that I only have to drive two times, on a typical trip: to the airport, and from the airport; is always a plus, for me. Kansas City's airport is the easiest one I know, in terms of getting in and out quickly. Parking is a breeze, and at $5 a day, it's quite cheap. When you park, you board a shuttle bus that'll spirit you away to the terminals. Then, when you get to your terminal(there are only three) you walk across a hallway to your gate. This, finally, is when you go through security, with eight other people who are also arriving for the same flight. Leaving is even easier, because there is nothing to wait for but the terminal bus. I enjoyed a very sweaty, very expensive trip to Chicago. It'll be great when my brother gets some income, and the ability to do the treating. I'm planning a trip to Boston, in September, and it looks like Midwest Express has the tub that'll take me.

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