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7/31/2002 1:37 AM
Work has continued to progress, and I have been placed in charge of Business Billing this week. I went to Chicago over the weekend. It's always nice to visit that town, and the fact that I only have to drive two times, on a typical trip: to the airport, and from the airport; is always a plus, for me. Kansas City's airport is the easiest one I know, in terms of getting in and out quickly. Parking is a breeze, and at $5 a day, it's quite cheap. When you park, you board a shuttle bus that'll spirit you away to the terminals. Then, when you get to your terminal(there are only three) you walk across a hallway to your gate. This, finally, is when you go through security, with eight other people who are also arriving for the same flight. Leaving is even easier, because there is nothing to wait for but the terminal bus. I enjoyed a very sweaty, very expensive trip to Chicago. It'll be great when my brother gets some income, and the ability to do the treating. I'm planning a trip to Boston, in September, and it looks like Midwest Express has the tub that'll take me.

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