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4:25 AM, Jul 17, 2002 toot this
7/17/2002 5:25 AM
I just made and installed a script to back my website files up, compress them, and store them on a different machine, once a day, just in case an electrical surge, or another one of my bumbling scripts causes the deletion of those files. It's been pretty slow for me at work, as the only official responsibility I have this week is to build, facilitate, and deliver our shift turnover. The bulk of that takes place at 7 AM or so, so I've been trying to keep busy. I've been logging into tons of machines at work, making sure my login still works. I've also been trying to read and debug the scores and scores of shell script, perl, and sql code that makes up the platforms we support. I need training, or at least, some kind of instruction. I think I'll buy a perl book. I'm looking forward to the party this weekend.

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7/9/2002 7:30 AM
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