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9:00 AM, Jul 21, 2002 toot this
7/21/2002 10:00 AM
I write this from Chicago, IL, where I am staying for a very brief time at my brother's place, though he is not here. I went to a party in Tonica, IL, yesterday, and was having a pretty good time until I started to feel sick. Brian's roommate Eric was left high and dry by my sister, who decided to leave without telling him, and he was ready to go. This was about 10:30 PM. So, Eric and I left, and I agreed to take him back to Chicago, and I would stay there that night. Stay there I did, and I just got a wonderful sleep. I look forward to a 8 hour+ trip home today, across the wilds of Iowa, where I might drop in on some friends who live en route. I got lots of pictures from this weekend, and when I get back home, I'll get them all up for you.

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