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1:34 AM, Jul 26, 2002 toot this
7/26/2002 2:34 AM
Tonight is my last night of work this week, before I head off to Chicago, to see my one of my favorite bands. So far(knock on neoprene), it's been awfully slow. Geoff and Bryan are off tonight for various(two) reasons, and Elaine has training in the morning. She won't be in until 4, and Roger, from second shift, who doesn't really have much of an idea of what we do on third shift, has been helping out. However, Louis and I have been weathering the storm admirably. Today, I went down to Microcenter, and wandered around the store for an hour and a half or so, with a buddy. I wound up buying a new sound card for my linux desktop machine, along with a soundcard audio-out to stereo RCA cable. I bought the card, because it looks exactly like an SBlive Value from the picture on the box, and I wanted a card that I could use for my linux machine. It was pretty foolish of me to make this purchase, based on the physical appearance of the card, but it appeared to be a quality card, and linux seems to support just about everything, anyway. Also, even Microcenter wanted $35 for it, so it must be a semi-decent card, to begin with. It turns out that it supports six speakers, a gamepad, and a subwoofer. I hastily opened the package when I got home, and saw in the manual(thank GOD it had a manual) that it's a CMI8738-based card. A quick look through kernel configuration showed that that card was not only supported, but all its features were too. Hooray for dumb luck! One reboot and hardware install later, and I have sound working on my linux desktop machine. Anyway, we're going to Goose Island tonight. I'm thirsty.

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