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4:03 AM, Feb 3, 2003 toot this
2/3/2003 5:03 AM
I spent my last weekend in Kansas City for quite some time to come, this weekend. Brian and I went to the Liberty Memorial, and took lots of photos. It turns out that the obelisk-type monument has an elevator that you can take to the top, for spectacular views of downtown, Midtown, Union Hill, Southwest Boulevard, KCK, Crown Center and the Northeast. The pictures I took can be found on the pictures -> new camera page. I will be leaving for Ireland in four days, and my federal tax refund of approximately lots of money will be deposited into my bank account on the day that I leave. In addition, I will receive a paycheck while I'm there. This is going to be crazygonuts.

2:53 AM, Feb 5, 2003 toot this
2/5/2003 3:53 AM
I was digging on leaving pretty soon, but as time that precedes a great event has a tendency of doing, all has become slow. I have been extended an opportunity to express interest in taking a position on the Consumer Billing side of our group. I will find out as early as tomorrow, whether I will actually get a position. It would mean no more messing with the mindless win32 monitoring apps that I use in my current position, and that 100% of what I do will be batch monitoring, scheduling, and whatnot. It would also mean a lot more work, which I would also welcome. In this slowed-down time, I have also managed to contract something of a malady. I have a nasty sore on my tongue. In other news, I might actually be able to go skiing in a few weeks! 2 days until Ireland.

5:09 AM, Feb 7, 2003 toot this
2/7/2003 6:09 AM
Depending on how lucky I am with finding wireless internet access in Ireland, this could be the last update I have for this webpage before I go. I get off work in a few hours, and immediately following work, I will leave for Des Moines, where Alex lives. We will eat a bit, get some traveler's cheques, and step into enternational airport space, which we will not exit until we leave the terminal tomorrow morning, in Dublin. If I don't get to any internet connection while in Ireland, I wish all who might read this page a good week, and I will return with lots of pictures and details about the trip. There is one bit of bad news, that I hope I can rectify this morning, but we will see. Just in case I have internet there, keep an eye on the site!

6:00 PM, Feb 8, 2003 toot this
2/8/2003 7:00 PM GMT
I write this from an expensive internet cafe in Dublin's Grafton Street Area. I cannot reveal much, except that I am keeping a daily log with my computer, which is unable to get wireless access, from our hotel, and you will be filled in, ad nauseam, post haste. Godspeed, and I sleep.

2:52 AM, Feb 18, 2003 toot this
2/18/2003 3:52 AM CST
I am back, and very tired. I got back last night, and saw that Brian had just picked up a gamecube, to play at his leisure. After tabulating what I spent while abroad in Ireland, I have determined that I can not only afford skiing this coming weekend, which is back on, but I have my first ever "nestegg." I am working feverishly on getting all the pictures and videos from Ireland up and ready for your perusal. In the meantime, just rest easy, knowing that I have now lived in Kansas City for over two years. Scary, huh? I feel like I just moved here. Geoff has taken a job in Florida, and, I have been informed, is on his first night of his last week at work. He will be missed, and his leaving will put a heavy strain on Eddy and me. I think we'll handle it fine, though.

I now have a few more upcoming dates to look forward to. First, I am going to Colorado this weekend, to go skiing with my family, most of whom I haven't seen in months. Julia will be flying into Kansas City on Friday, and she and Brian and I will depart for Steamboat Springs in the wee hours on Saturday morning. Second, Guster is coming back to town, this time without John Mayer! They'll be playing in Chicago in late March, and in Lawrence in mid-April. Because of the Chicago show, which I will be attending, I will not be going there for St. Patrick's Day. Beyond that, I hope to make a trip or two or three down to the Ozarks, or maybe Oklahoma, to do some camping, as soon as it gets warmer.

Sorry for the lapse in updating. I'll try not to go to Ireland again, any time soon.

6:48 PM, Feb 21, 2003 toot this
2/21/2003 7:48 PM
We leave for Colorado tomorrow. The damned tires for the car cost almost $500. Remind me not to get my oil changed at a tire place, no matter how convenient it may be. The Ireland picture page is done, thank God. I will update further(videos), when I get back from Steamboat, along with pictures from there.

4:26 AM, Feb 28, 2003 toot this
2/28/2003 5:26 AM
I apologize. I have been positively retarded on the page updates. However, I have not been sitting idle, as this webpage is concerned. I have been making copious updates to the picture page, and slowly reforming the script to generate the picture pages. If you're using a mozilla browser, opera, or konqueror, the page should be pretty impressive, particularly on mouseovers. I am still working out getting it to not behave like a car accident in Internet Explorer. I hope to have that nailed down post haste.

I will be staying in Kansas City for the first time in a month, this weekend. I think I'll be doing a little beer-tasting and bowling. Winter has almost ended. We are enjoying the death rattle, at the moment. Green grass and cherry blossoms will be along directly, in this coming month, and I wait anxiously.

I have people waiting for me to visit them in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Nashville. Not enough vacation days...

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