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5:09 AM, Feb 7, 2003 toot this
2/7/2003 6:09 AM
Depending on how lucky I am with finding wireless internet access in Ireland, this could be the last update I have for this webpage before I go. I get off work in a few hours, and immediately following work, I will leave for Des Moines, where Alex lives. We will eat a bit, get some traveler's cheques, and step into enternational airport space, which we will not exit until we leave the terminal tomorrow morning, in Dublin. If I don't get to any internet connection while in Ireland, I wish all who might read this page a good week, and I will return with lots of pictures and details about the trip. There is one bit of bad news, that I hope I can rectify this morning, but we will see. Just in case I have internet there, keep an eye on the site!

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