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4:26 AM, Feb 28, 2003 toot this
2/28/2003 5:26 AM
I apologize. I have been positively retarded on the page updates. However, I have not been sitting idle, as this webpage is concerned. I have been making copious updates to the picture page, and slowly reforming the script to generate the picture pages. If you're using a mozilla browser, opera, or konqueror, the page should be pretty impressive, particularly on mouseovers. I am still working out getting it to not behave like a car accident in Internet Explorer. I hope to have that nailed down post haste.

I will be staying in Kansas City for the first time in a month, this weekend. I think I'll be doing a little beer-tasting and bowling. Winter has almost ended. We are enjoying the death rattle, at the moment. Green grass and cherry blossoms will be along directly, in this coming month, and I wait anxiously.

I have people waiting for me to visit them in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Nashville. Not enough vacation days...

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