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A Short Absence
I need to remember, the next time I undertake something like this, to realize that late February is not typically a time of 70-degree sunny weather. I kind of fell off running, since my last post, as the weather returned, more or less, to its normal behavior. It warmed back up into the 60s yesterday, but I was busy sitting around being lazy. I didn't even really eat yesterday.

Today was still a little colder than I'd have liked, but nevertheless, I donned my grubby shorts and a too-small t-shirt that reads, "LAPTOPS SUCK," on it, and hit the streets. I pushed myself a little too hard, today, and gave myself a bit of a headache, and some pain in my lower back. If I had kept pushing, I would be coughing uncontrollably, right now.

I'm still working on the balance issue, but when I'm not paying attention, I still put a lot more weight on my right foot than my left. I'll work on it.

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tim wasson replied:
hey, remember I went from 255 to 180 in the course of a year doing not a lot different than you are... just running even though it hurt and I wasn't good at it and skipping fast food for Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice meals. And sure, I went back up to 230 after a while. But then I went back to 180. Then back up to 205. Now I'm about 190 and in the best shape of my life, save for this slight spare tire that'll disappear in a few weeks, I reckon. Weight loss is a hard and long process, but totally worth it. If you need some advice or anything, feel free to send me an email or comment on my blog at tim.cx.

And don't drink fruit juices or Gatorade unless you're recovering from a really hard work out. Try Propel. It's awesome and very low calorie. Also try to fit in some weight lifting (even if its only pull-ups and push-ups at the moment), as dieting and cardio-only can actually decrease your muscle mass and, eventually, metabolism as your muscles stop needing as much fuel. Gaining some muscle is a good way to burn off extra calories. Good luck dude, and give us frequent updates. My "Fat" project on the 'ole junkmachine really helped me, since I had to be accountable for myself on the entire internet.

9:07 AM, Mar 8, 2006

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