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MN and DST
I just got back from Minneapolis. The pictures from the weekend(all 190 of them) are coming off the camera as I type this. The weekend was a blast, and we never had a moment for anything but family fun. For many that would be a nasty proposition, but since my family is awesome we were happy to ruin Minnesota together. The great time I had was well worth the twelve hours I spent driving there and back.

I'll complete my orientation with DST's HR department tomorrow at 8am, and once again it'll be right across the street from my house. That means that with a 100' commute, I'll be able to sleep until about ten minutes prior to arrival.

The actual work that the job involves began on Thursday. I have to work with some application people about getting logging or some kind of alarm set up for some filesystems that won't mount on boot for some systems. That's the boring one, and I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to get it done. I'll tackle that this next week. The exciting project, however, involves compiling some hardware utilization statistics for the first ten business days of October, and importing it all into some goofy spreadsheet, because the important people like graphs.

Anyway I'm happy to do it. It's a fun programming exercise. It really feels great to have a job that gives me work that's not fall-off-a-log easy. I got my vacation payoff from General Dynamics on Friday, so I'm set for a while. I just hope that my first paycheck from DST is a full one, instead of a prorated one, but I think it will be the latter.

I'll get the pictures uploaded as soon as I can.

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