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10:47 PM, Apr 20, 2007 toot this
Crawl's Eve
In eleven hours, I'll be on a bus heading toward Waldo for the second annual KCATA Pubcrawl. I don't quite know what to expect, since the attendees have been finicky to say the least. I do know that Jeff will be screwing things up, and has persuaded a couple of people to follow him in said screwings, by taking his bike along. This means that as the day wears on, he'll just disappear to go and bike around, again, pulling people with him, away from the crawl. I told him I thought it was a very bad idea, and that I wish he wouldn't do it, but he's not listening, and he's not relenting on pulling people I invited away from the crawl that I arranged. I feel kind of betrayed.

Even with the crawl being divided into two tomorrow(one on buses, and one on fleeting bikes), I'm still very excited about it. Probably more excited than any day yet this year: including the day I became a homeowner. The KCATA Pubcrawl is a brilliant(if I do say so, myself) way to see Kansas City, have fun, and pace out something that would be a huge drunkfest into something in which everyone stays composed enough to really enjoy themselves and remember it. Plus, the forecast calls for a high of 77 degrees tomorrow, and "partly sunny." In KC, that means, "sunny."

Everyone that wants to go will be meeting up at 11am for lunch and round one. I need to think of some locations to stop along the way- locations that'll satisfy the people that came last year, and that'll still be entertaining to the newcomers. I'm charging up my camera, looking for the crawlbook that we kept last year, and wondering just how good this is going to be. See you on the other end. It's now time to shove off for a leisurely, yet full night's sleep.

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