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9:24 PM, Mar 31, 2005 toot this
Call for Lard
Looks like whats-her-face officially died today. I have an inkling hope that this will end the media circus, so we can return our attention to other insipid bullshit like Michael Jackson, reality TV, and the contrived battle between left puppets(Democrats), and right puppets(Republicans). Because that's what's really important.

I apologize. I get very frustrated at how naive and sheepish public opinions and habits seem to be. I recently watched the movie, "Sideways," and enjoyed it immensely, but was very put off to hear that Merlot sales have plummeted since this movie came out, and that Pinot Noir sales have taken a skyward bend. As Maddox said, get your own opinion. Though I do admit that I'd like to see an independent film garner the kind of popularity enjoyed by Sideways, while waxing poetic on fine beers, causing a massive retreat from the American big three breweries, but I know that could never happen.

I am home ill today. I can't recall the last time I've been sick this often in such a short stretch of time. But I guess I can't exactly say that I'm living healthy. I get marginal exercise walking everywhere I go(besides work and the grocery store), but not the amount that I really need. I think I'll resuscitate the lard section on this webpage, because when I was running regularly, I don't think I ever felt sick. On the contrary, I can't remember when I've felt healthier. It's been about two years, and that's quite long enough.

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