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12:59 AM, Sep 10, 2003 toot this
I sometimes have dreams about having minor telekinetic powers, in which I close doors with my mind, and a dramatic, jedi-like wave of my hand. My favorite thing to do in these dreams, however, is to fly, in a Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon kind of way. I don't know how well either of these fun things to dream about can work in reality, but here's a page to get you started, freak.


Angelica cut in with:
I have dreams in witch ive been reaped in and once

I found out how to have a lucid dream I can now controll the situation

10:52 PM, Jan 27, 2003

Some Retard interrupted with:
Controlling your dreams, like it seems you're doing, is called Lucid Dreaming, and you can learn allll about this coveted talent at www.luciddreaming.com.

11:22 AM, Oct 9, 2003

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