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Watching a Ship Sink in Real Time
Elon Musk has a big ego. He appears to think he can manage a company that offers a low-latency, highly-available service to a billion daily active users, with no greater qualification than his own hubris. To whit, he's ransacked the company's staff, laying off valuable employees by the thousands, and chasing off the rest with threats about everyone having to be a hero to work there. As such, all the best people have taken their years of expertise, and promptly gotten jobs elsewhere. The platform is a colossal mess now, with content moderation thrown out the window, and lifetime bans lifted for dangerous sociopaths. In short, it will soon become clear that Musk is unable to keep the lights on at Twitter, favoring his ego over the stability of the platform. He's fired entire departments, alienating revenue-generating ad buyers, many of whom are telling their story about how the company is too volatile to do business with anymore.

By firing or driving off everyone who handles high-value advertising accounts, Musk has choked off the platform's ability to make money. By firing or driving off everyone who handles the extremely sophisticated technology that keeps the platform up and running, Musk has ensured that it's only a matter of time before technical issues will be an everyday occurrence-- from slowdowns to full outages. By eliminating content moderation and inviting dangerous people back onto the platform, Musk has ensured that the content that is created will be hostile to most non-extremist users.

Given the importance of the platform to worldwide news, marketing, politics, philanthropy, community engagement, charity, academia, culture, art, music, and basically anything else that involves people communicating with people, it's a real accomplishment to destroy it as quickly as it appears Musk is doing.

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