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2:22 PM, Feb 7, 2005 toot this
Picture Index Upgrade
I fixed up the picture pages a little bit. the most significant upgrade, for me, is that all the pictures can be loaded with a single file now, so changes in style or features will be much easier from here on. For you, the improvement is that when you click on a picture in an index, the page for the individual picture now has a description on it, and links to previous and next pictures/videos. Play around with it, as I have a couple of "albums," converted over now. I'll work my way to getting the rest, but it'll be a while.

Did anyone else miss the Super Bowl, but still catch American Dad?

2:29 PM, Feb 8, 2005 toot this
Absent Tomorrow
It's a-comin' down. We're expecting seven inches overnight.

somesnow.jpg fallingsnow.jpg

Looks like I'll be taking another day off work.

4:05 PM, Feb 10, 2005 toot this
Google Maps
Google, after a steady stream of superior products(image search, local search, price search, news index, catalog search, gmail, usenet search and client, answers, alerts, adsense, and a lot more.), came out last week with the best map site I have ever seen. I think it's a pretty fair bet that Google, backed by the forces of good, will complete its process of world domination within a relatively short period of time, and I welcome it.

As if reading my mind, someone has already made a Mycroft plugin for it. I am waiting for Google mind-reading.

6:42 PM, Feb 16, 2005 toot this
Sick Again
This hasn't happened in a long time, but I am sick, within only a couple of months of my last time. It started at work yesterday, when we had a big meeting, and I started having to blow my nose almost constantly. That hasn't stopped, but I have also experienced a complete loss of appetite, too, which I think, would account for my fatigue, dizziness, and headache. At 6PM today, I realized that I haven't eaten a single thing today, and didn't feel the least bit hungry. I made some soup, and choked it down, knowing that if I don't eat something, I'll just feel worse.

I left work early today, came home, and got a couple of hours' sleep, and followed up my nap with a couple of marble-sized dayquil pills. I am trying to take good enough care of myself that I'll be okay for my trip to Minnesota, this weekend. Otherwise, I will probably have to cancel, and I really don't want to do that.

Last night, I spent a restless night as the same boring dream about real estate speculation or something repeated over and over, each time I got back to sleep, tossing and turning. I am hoping tonight works out better, and that by this time tomorrow, I'll feel fine. I will stock up on dayquil and nyquil, on the way to work in the morning.

Regarding other things, the picture pages are almost set. I have about ten more sets to fix to the new format. I have been informed that for some people, the pictures, "don't work." This is not true. If you seem to have this problem, just reload the main pictures page, and upgrade your crappy web browser to Firefox, to avoid dumb things like this happening again.

2:32 PM, Feb 21, 2005 toot this
Minnesota Was Fun
I arrived at Abby and Amanda's on Friday afternoon, in time to watch them prepare for a party, later that night. The party was fun, and finished up with a rousing series of games of Catch Phrase, followed by falling heavily to sleep, soon after. I woke up to the sound of bacon cooking, the next morning, and enjoyed some delicious breakfast, courtesy Abby. I then set to converting the rest of the picture pages to the new format, while Amanda slumbered away the afternoon.

The evening arrived, and we left for St. Paul, where we stopped at the Green Mill for some pizza and tasty in-house beer, before going over to the College Club for 2005's iteration of Winterfest, a beer festival showcasing winter beers from the state of Minnesota. The highlight, in my opinion, was when Town Hall Brewery announced they were going to be pouring the remainder of a keg of a 2-year old Grand Cru. It was delicious.

We left, half drunk and very tired, to get some chicken nachos at a neighborhood bar, before braving the snowy roads back to Amanda's place, where once again, we fell heavily asleep. I left on Sunday morning, and made it home from snow-falling, sub-freezing Minnesota, to sunny, 55-degrees Missouri, in about six hours. It was a great trip. Expect pictures soon.

EDIT 6:15PM:

I told you to expect them soon. One thing this new format allows is for very fast processing of pictures. They are now up on the pictures page.

11:22 AM, Feb 28, 2005 toot this
Golden Birthday
Today, my sister(Julia) celebrates her 28th(twenty-eighth) birthday. It being February 28th, this would make today her Golden Birthday. So, let me be the first person on the internet to wish her a happy birthday, and remind her that she'll be thirty shortly.

2:55 PM, Feb 28, 2005 toot this
I Broke Something Again
Someone posted a comment on Lyons' "BAR EXAM" post, with the username "PLEASE_HELP_ME_I'M_SWEETIE" or something like that. So, I made a rule in my comments that said that if your username was greater than 15 characters in length, it would show you an error message. It turns out that the script interpreter I use(bash - No flaming please. I am learning perl as quickly as I can.) doesn't like the '>' character in test operators, so it was just giving everybody that error. I changed it to '-gt' and now it works fine. If you don't know what that means, then do some reading.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks to Rachel for letting me know about it.

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