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Interlocking Toes
Steve, Renae, and I have arrived safely in Boston, after a couple of delayed and stalled flights. Renae is still terrified of feet, and it's still a blast to watch her react to the slightest chance that someone might touch her own feet. Anyway, we have spent the last day and a half just wandering around Boston, spending the majority of our time in some of the many local pubs, enjoying the flavor and variety of beers available here.

Today we'll head over to Fenway for a tour of the park, before we go to an actual game on Tuesday, after that, I'm told that we'll check out the Freedom Trail, which is always interesting to me. One segment of it: The USS Constitution, hasn't been within my field of vision in over 15 years, so I'm really excited about seeing that again.

Not much more to report. I'm getting a lot of pictures, and having a great time talking and hanging out with my friends. Expect pictures and a new dotw when I get back home.

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I have returned from Boston, into a whirlwind of catching up at work. The trip was awesome, and the pictures are going through the grinder at the moment. I am going to try like hell to get them done before I leave for Oregon tonight. Sigh. After this coming week, I will be off the road for a while, and then after early August, I really get to relax at home for a while.

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You have the camera?
Okay! The Boston pictures and videos are done. Have a look at them here.

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Portland, OR
Hello from some pleasant internet cafe in Portland, where it is neither chilly nor rainy, as I had expected and packed for. We have jumped all over the place, seeing the beach, the waterfalls, the Columbia River Gorge, Mount St. Helens, and tons of fun tasty bars and restaurants in the city itself. Sorry about the lack of updates, but this is the first access to the internet I have had since I arrived on Friday. Yet again, expect lots of pictures, and I need to expect to buy a bigger memory card for my camera, because I have been deleting almost as much as I have been snapping.

Happy Bastille Day to all my French readers!

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Still Here
Yes, I am still around. Yes, I am sorry that I have been neglecting the website. Travel, travel, and more travel has rendered me unable to be as up-to-date as I have been in the past. Expect a windfall of updates, and various goodies, in the next couple of days.

To bring you up to date, however, I just finished a whirlwind tour of a great deal of these United States. It started a couple weeks ago with an extended weekend in Peoria, Cleveland the next, Boston the next, Portland, OR the next(pictures are coming, I promise), a quick weekend at home, accompanied by a visit from Brian for the Guster/Ben Folds show, and I just got back from Paso Robles, CA, today, where I very incredibly regret I forgot to take my camera, because Monterey, 17-mile drive, and Big Sur were incredible.

I need to fold some laundry, eat some dinner, and help out with another work exercise that's going on at our homebase, this week. I now have a solid two weeks before I take any more trips, and two months before I take any trips that'll take up weekdays. I do like the new job, but I can't wait to sit still, because it has enabled me to travel more than I ever have.

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Drop Top Amber
A full three weeks ago, I was in Portland, Oregon, and I now have a moment to write about the beer I drank there. It's been a hell of a couple of weeks.

Weinhardt makes some crappy yellow beer, and that's the only beer available in Portland with which I was not completely enamoured. I loved all the beers I had from Rogue, Full Sail, Wollaver's, MacTarnahan, Deschutes, McMenamin's, Steelhead, Tuck's, Tugboat, Flying Pig, Northern Lights, Pyramid, and Widmer Brothers, and wish I had the time and initiative to do a dotw on all of them, especially to make up for all this lost time. That'll have to come in another form, I suppose. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have a beer to review. Widmer Brothers makes a delicious beer, called Drop Top Amber, and it looks like this when it's poured:


This picture, and all others on this page, were taken at the brewery's brewpub, one railyard away from the rocky banks of the Willamette River. That said, we tried every beer they had on tap, and I must say that I liked most of them. All in all, they are an excellent brewery, I found.


Anyway, I went to the brewery with Dave, Mary Kay, and Aaron, when we returned from a day trip to Mt. St. Helens, in Washington. We spent a long beerless day hiking and driving, and come dinner time, we were beset with a mighty thirst. Widmer delivered.



The beer, from the abundant opening pull to the final desperate airy gasp for the frothy dregs, is a pleasure to drink, but that may be the National Volcanic Monument-derived fatigue talking. I'll have to make another trip to Oregon, just to make sure.


Relaxing with beer is one of the pleasures for which I wish I had more time, along with updating my website.


Ratings (out of ten):

Flavor: 8 (Something new to discover in each glass. That's why I had more than one.)

Body: 6 (Neither stays with you nor gets out of the way. I honestly don't remember this being a big thing about the beer.)

Aroma: 6 (It smells like a tasty beer, and makes me salivate, but that's kind of par anyway.)

Smoothness: 9 (This stuff slides out the back exit of your mouth, leaving a slight trail of happiness behind it. Superb.)

Price: 8 (Portland's beer prices blew me away. This was $3 a draw, and that's pretty representative of Portland beer prices.)

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Clear! Pulse!
Out of obscurity returns the DOTW section, with a new flavor. Enjoy, while I go and get you another one. You have some catching up to do.

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Portland Images Away
The pictures from my semi-recent trip to Oregon are up and ready to view, along with three videos! Check them out here!

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