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6:11 AM, Nov 1, 2002 toot this
11/1/2002 7:11 AM
Happy November. More content later.

3:40 PM, Nov 3, 2002 toot this
11/3/2002 4:40 PM
Nice weekends are nice. Brian and I enjoyed some good beer with Matt, a kcgeek friend, on Friday night, while watching Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and Friday the 13th, which none of us had ever seen before. It was a lot of fun mocking the final scenes of the movie with the sound turned off. Last night, Brian and I went down to the Plaza to look at books, and have a drink. And so we did. Afterwards, we went to Danny's Bar out in Lenexa, and watched an acquaintance's band play. It was a fun night.

8:25 PM, Nov 3, 2002 toot this
11/3/2002 9:25 PM
Yeah, I know it's been a long time since an update, so please forgive me. I just wanted to tell you about the laptop debacle. I am not very happy with my laptop. Don't get me wrong. It's a very fast, stable, reliable, pretty machine. Unfortunately, its video is integrated to the motherboard, which stands already as a strike against it. The most unfortunate thing is that its performance is hideously poor in linux. So, alack, I have downgraded my system back to Windows, but have forsaken the default windows shell for something a little more modern. So far, I am quite pleased. If I get the initiative, I'll do a screenshot.

2:02 AM, Nov 6, 2002 toot this
11/6/2002 3:02 AM
Well, it appears that today was a Republican victory, in that the US House of Representatives was held, and the balance of power in the Senate was shifted back to the GOP. In spite of politics in the rest of the country, Illinois hosted a Democratic victory, despite the fact that someone my family knows was running on the ticket of God's party. I was also quite surpised to see that every congresional district in the state of my residence, that had an election, had a Libertarian candidate running. Tamara Millay lost big to the Carnahan and Talent machines, but still managed to come out of the election with just under 2% of the total vote. Very promising.

12:13 AM, Nov 8, 2002 toot this
11/8/2002 1:13 AM
Work has been very light this week, for me. There was plenty for everyone else to do, and I helped wheever I could, but my entire job for the week was to maintain and deliver the shift transition document. A little ridiculous for a whole week. Tonight, because someone else is gone, I have been given the responsibility of watching a monitoring application, but not much else. As a result, I have gotten a lot of reading in. My speakers arrived on Wednesday, and they are thundering, booming titans, compared to the old speakers I had. The old ones were very nice, when they were new, but while I was in school, a good friend or two decided it would be cool to see how loud they could get the bass, by playing a gangsta rap song at almost full volume. This caused the woofers in said speakers to die utterly. I'm headed back to Abe & Jake's in Lawrence, KS, again. This time, I'm going to see G Love and Special Sauce. Again, I am very anxious for a concert.

11:17 AM, Nov 13, 2002 toot this
11/13/2002 12:17 AM
Sorry for the lapse in updating. I've actually been a bit busy lately. I have been goofing around with qmail, trying to get it to work, and the latest development is that I need a local delivery agent installed on my machine. It basically receives an incoming email from the mailserver(like qmail, exim, sendmail, Exchange, or postfix), which also runs locally on the same machine, and drops it off in the recipient's mailbox. I had no idea that such a thing was neccesary, or even existed. Brian and I are mulling over the possibility of making a pretty lengthy trip this weekend, and I am mostly against it, for reasons of expense and not really being able to justify such a long trip for such a short time there.

12:20 AM, Nov 20, 2002 toot this
11/20/2002 1:20 AM
Again, I am forced to apologize. My cable modem went out of service, when it decided to give up on the 22-year old cable coupler in the cable jack, in the living room. The very capable cable tech from Time Warner came up to the apartment, and had me on my way, within about an hour. Then I went to bed, and slept heavily until 9:30, when I got a phone call from Carl. Today, I pretty much got ready for bed, and got ready for work. Oh, and drink all the 75th St beer you can get your grubby little hands on.

6:09 AM, Nov 25, 2002 toot this
11/25/2002 7:09 AM
Des Moines was fun, and I am still afraid to see how much money I have, to get me through the wedding this coming weekend. But, about $150 of the $250 or so that I spent in Des Moines this weekend was on definite, material goods, and not just pancakes and beer. Though there definitely was a lot of beer. There was not much sleep to be had, and Alex seems to be pretty well entrenched in the 'drive to bars' mentality, and the 'come pick us up, because we don't want to wait for a cab' mentality. I have a big, two-day workweek ahead of me. It's my week to drive.

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