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12:13 AM, Nov 8, 2002 toot this
11/8/2002 1:13 AM
Work has been very light this week, for me. There was plenty for everyone else to do, and I helped wheever I could, but my entire job for the week was to maintain and deliver the shift transition document. A little ridiculous for a whole week. Tonight, because someone else is gone, I have been given the responsibility of watching a monitoring application, but not much else. As a result, I have gotten a lot of reading in. My speakers arrived on Wednesday, and they are thundering, booming titans, compared to the old speakers I had. The old ones were very nice, when they were new, but while I was in school, a good friend or two decided it would be cool to see how loud they could get the bass, by playing a gangsta rap song at almost full volume. This caused the woofers in said speakers to die utterly. I'm headed back to Abe & Jake's in Lawrence, KS, again. This time, I'm going to see G Love and Special Sauce. Again, I am very anxious for a concert.

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