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6:58 PM, Feb 1, 2009 toot this
Return and Splutschnik
Hey, I still have a webpage! I thought I'd bring back what promises to be more or less a steady stream of content with the long-overdue return of actual pictures to the site. Splutschnik V was held yesterday, and great times were had by all, even by Angela, who smashed her face on some concrete. My team, comprised of myself, along with Eric, Audrey, Pat, and Megan, successfully visited sixteen bars, not counting the Quaff at the beginning. As is evidenced by the linked photos, we had a great time, and look forward not only to the next installment of the blessed event, but to any time spent at all with our new friends.

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Brad was sure you'd want to know:
Thanks again for coordinating everything. Looking forward to the next one. I think I can speak for everyone on our team when I say we had a great time.

10:11 PM, Feb 1, 2009

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