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1:33 PM, Jan 6, 2006 toot this
Go About Your Simple Lives
I had a meeting in Leavenworth, today. Unfortunately, so did the Vice President. On my normal route to the office, I counted no fewer than 14 police cars, mostly in clusters at major interchanges. Seeing as my office is just outside the front gates at Fort Leavenworth, the police presence right outside our front door was the heaviest I had ever seen. Geoff, Doug, and I went to get a gourmet lunch at Wendy's, and on teh way back, we just barely slipped through the VP's exit blockade, and decided to turn the car around and watch it all happen. This no doubt earned us angry scrutiny from the on-duty police and security forces, but not enough, apparently, to cause a representative to stop what he or she was doing to tell us to "move along."

They redirected traffic away from the front gate of "Post," at the corner of 7th and Metropolitan, causing huge traffic backups to and from the only river crossing for ten miles in any direction. I suppose these measures are necessary, but it must have been annoying to have been stuck in that line. We, however, enjoyed making fun of the police, and trying to pick out which plain white vans were "spookvans."

It was fun.

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