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Several Days
I am about to finish my first of two weeks on call. This past week was the "hard one," with me carrying the primary oncall phone. But all in all, it was actually a pretty easy turn. I've noticed that our oncalls, while still definitely not easy, are getting easier as more time passes. A couple months ago a guy named Jeff joined the group, and his first major project was to reduce the volume of pages we get by working with the paging application and the groups that should be getting these errant pages to begin with. As a result of his vigilance, a typical week on call has gone from about 400 pages to perhaps fifty.

This week, I was able to get an after-work drink with Angela at the Peanut on Monday and give her back her lens cap. I was able to go to The Flying Saucer on Tuesday, and with the help of Sarah, David, and Ryan, we finished their trivia night in second place. I did however get paged just as trivia was ending, though it was probably time to go home anyway.

Now it's Thursday, and I am about two hours from turning the primary over to James, and receiving the secondary from Eddie. Being the secondary oncall is usually a snoozer, but of course statements like that are usually famous last words. I do have a small amount of maintenance to do on Saturday night, so I'll miss out on the existence of fun then.

Then, I'll be the secondary oncall for four more days, during which the Fall season of Kickball will officially begin, and something else will happen that I may or may not tell you damned vultures about. After handing off the secondary pager next Thursday, I will be free in earnest, and I will then go on my big awesome trip with Erp and Amber to Baltimore, Washington, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've unfortunately been channeling my finite creative energy into facebook and work, lately. I'll try to do something nice for you at some point.

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