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A Note, and Some Mundanity
I'm working on the pics section, as I want to introduce some new features to the site, and kinda sorta resume the practice of chronicling the mundane details of my life, especially since I now have something other than myself to capture. That being a family. The section requires a pretty major overhaul, and I need to go into a number of the captions and remove some homophobic and misogynistic language that I wrote when I was in my twenties and early thirties. All I can say about it is that I've done a lot of growing up since then, and it makes me cringe today to read some of that stuff. It's really embarrassing.

Pursuant to the mundane detail stuff, I'll now say what we did this weekend. I came off of a week oncall on Friday, and nobody was sick, so we didn't do anything. That's not true. Ali went to a really excellent rock show and got home late. On Saturday morning we went to a joint birthday party for two of Oscar's classmates at a nearby park. We really lucked out with the unseasonably warm, sunny weather. The parents gathered in small conversation semi-circles, while the kids made enthusiastic use of the park's amenities, including a large sandbox(or "sandpit" as the limeys say, and really describes it better in this case than sandbox) with a big climbable sculpture in it.

After Wendy's nap we went to a nearby brewery that was hosting Mr. and Mrs. Claus, though Wendy was herself too frightened to approach the VIPs. We picked up a pizza on the way home, got home, ate the pizza, cleaned up and put the kids to bed. Ali and I caught up on our stories, she went to bed, and I tried out my new horde base design before hitting the hay myself.

This morning, as with all(or most) Sunday mornings, I took the kids and let Ali have the morning to herself for a well-deserved rest. She took Oscar with her to deliver some stuff to her Dad's place during Wendy's nap. After that we loaded up the car and went to Cherry Creek to do some Christmas/Chanukah shopping, followed by beers and burgers. I'm still digesting, but I think it was an unusually productive and eventful Sunday evening. Would do again. Will do again.

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