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8:35 AM, Aug 22, 2007 toot this
The President is in Town
President Bush has decided to stroke the egos of the the aged masses at the VFW Convention, and as such, downtown has basically been locked down. He stayed at some hotel near the Plaza last night, and apparently, the entire route from the downtown airport to the Plaza was also locked down so only the President could use it. Is this consistent with previous Presidents? Did they all stop life from happening wherever they went? It's pretty off-putting.

I got on I-70 on the north loop this morning, and got owned by traffic. After averaging one to two miles per hour, I exited at Independence Avenue. I wound up taking that to Van Brunt, down to where it turns into Emmanuel "I'm still alive" Cleaver II Boulevard, before the surroundings turned suburban/rural. Along Independence and Van Brunt however, I passed through some great urban stretches of Kansas City that I had seldom, if ever, seen by daylight. It's definitely impoverished, and it's definitely not a place to take the kids for a picnic, but I loved the look of it.

Anyway, the President takes his leave later today. Hopefully the evening commute won't be a problem. But if it is, I wouldn't mind another trip through the East Side.

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