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IRS Update
I got home on Thursday and started digging around. I logged into my account on H&R Block's website and saw that the returns they had for me only go back as far as 2005, and the paper ones I have are only for 2001 and 2002. I began to get worried, even though it doesn't make a lick of sense, I began to think that maybe I did just skip doing and paying my taxes in early 2004. These kinds of hopeless thoughts creep into my mind when uncertainty accompanies impending doom.

I did recall though that when I first used H&R Block's online tax software, I used a different username than what I use now. In the blissful year that fell between the times that I did my 2004 taxes and my 2005 taxes, I completely forgot/lost my login information for the original account. Instead of putting any real effort into sorting out my login, I simply opened a new account. When this whole mess materialized last week, I managed to reset the password for my original H&R Block account, and found that there were no past returns available to view or save.

I was worried even more when I saw this. But I had to hit the road, as I had a six hour drive to do that day. I spent the weekend in Peoria- my first since 2006 -and while I was there I talked about the situation at length with my brother, Brian. He reminded me that I started using the H&R Block website on his advice, before he moved away from Kansas City. I put one and one together, and found that since I have paper versions of my 2001 and 2002 taxes, and that he left in June of 2004, the only return that I would have done while he still lived in KC was 2003.

After some ridiculous searching around for a phone number on Block's website, I finally settled for an email form which, when I sent it, immediately generated an email to me telling me to call customer service at a provided number. I got on the phone, waited on hold for a couple minutes, and talked with a very friendly and helpful androgenously high-voiced person, who informed that yes, they did have my 2003 return, and that yes, they would do what they can to send it to me. Apparently they can't just make it available online anymore, so they had to escalate to management, who would then approve the printing and faxing of the return to a local brick-and-mortar office where I could pick it up myself.

I'll be leaving for Colorado on Wednesday, so I doubt I'll be able to get this issue resolved this week. My father is not a swearing man, but when I told him the full story while I was on my way up to Peoria, he choked on his words and simply said, "those bastards!" I did not rebuke him. Here's to hoping this all works out in the end.

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