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Kill the Keg
In preparation for next week's party, we've reserved a new keg at Gomer's, and we're very excited about it. However, we still have an undetermined amount of beer left in the keg of Boulevard Pale Ale that we have now. Therefore, Jeff and I called an emergency flash party, last night, in an effort to finish off the beer. Josh came over first, at about 5:30pm, and we set up camp chairs out on the front patio.

The weather, up until yesterday, was horrible. The temperature broke 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day since Saturday the 15th. Just being outside was exhausting. Then, when my exercise in Leavenworth ended, the weather righted itself. There was a slight deluge yesterday morning, the vanguard of a much cooler weather system. Since then, the temperature has been very comfortably in the seventies and low eighties.

And so we sat, watching the big pretty clouds roll over us, in the shade of tree-lined 11th Street, on an idyllically gorgeous Friday afternoon. We sat and watched cars pass. Children were playing on the sidewalk, just up our stairs. Commuters on foot were finishing off their workweek, regarding us with grinning envy. It was as if the world had momentarily forgotten about its problems. It was lovely.

Josh and I sat and drank and talked about nothing in particular, and were just starting to sit quietly for a bit too long when Becca's head appeared above the brick fence. Her company made everything more enjoyable, and soon, Jeff got home and joined us. Josh had an engagement to attend, and took his leave about five minutes before Cole arrived and took his place. Nick and (another)Josh introduced themselves and joined us after a bit, and soon Ryan rolled up. We had a healthy little knot of people, all enjoying the weather immensely, and just feeling generally jovial.

Nick and Josh left after a couple of beers, and by this time, the sun was beginning to set, and the alcohol was taking effect. And still the keg showed no signs of weakening. Ryan, with our approval, sent a few text messages to some friends, and soon, seemingly out of nowehere, Kansas City's bicycling community was standing around our front patio, drinking happily, and offering fervent thanks and money for the beer. We accepted the thanks, but not the money, and mingled with the crowd which had now grown to over thirty people.

Then, with a word from someone who appeared to be in charge, the bikes all rolled away to the next spot, leaving Jeff, Cole, Becca, and me with a keg that was, astoundingly, still pouring. We decided it was a noble effort, but the attempt to kill the keg had failed, and we caught the next bus to Union Station, to pick up Jeff's friend Jamie, who was expected on the next train from St. Louis, and would be visiting for the weekend.

In opposition to established security standards, Jeff and I walked right past the "wait here" sign, and out onto the platform in the cool night air. It's really not that difficult. Just walk with purpose and everyone assumes that you know what you're doing. We walked out to the platform and looked appraisingly at both the Southwest Chief, steaming in its extended layover in Kansas City, on the long trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, and the new pedestrian bridge from Union Station to the Freighthouse District.

Jamie's train arrived after we'd been standing on the platform chatting for about twenty minutes. From there, we legged it over to Skies, at Pershing and McGee, for a 42nd-floor rotating view of the city, and $8 Long Island Iced Teas. Jeff bought, so I couldn't complain. We took in the views, took a cab, got some Pancho's burritos, and called it a night.

Jeff knocked on my door this morning as I was looking at pictures of local women on Myspace, and asked if I wanted to join them for breakfast. I accepted, and suggested a trip down to the Corner Restaurant, just outside Westport. As partial thanks for all the bus rides and cab rides and drinks, I bought breakfast. We sat next to an open door, and enjoyed delicious food amid a heavenly southerly breeze. We walked without purpose into Westport, looked around, and just as absent-mindedly, headed back to the car.

Right now, I'm enjoying a Stewart's Root Beer, while Jeff and Jamie run around downtown getting pictures and sightseeing. We're going to a Royals game later tonight, which should round off a very nice Saturday.

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becca interrupted with:
Good times, John. T'was a most enjoyable evening. However, I fear that your recollection of the evening's events is rather hazy as a result of the massive amounts of fermented beverage that you consumed. I know something you don't know. Muahahaha! :-D

6:30 PM, Jul 22, 2006

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