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6:29 PM, Apr 9, 2006 toot this
Royals Thwart Sox
I went to see the Royals win game two of their series against the White Sox yesterday. They blew the sweep today. I hope they can keep the losses under 100 this year, but perhaps it's a fool's hope. We just handed them a zillion dollars to "renovate the stadium," but I have a feeling the money will slip into a wormhole and never be seen or heard from again in Kansas City.

Anyway, five of us all met by the George Brett statue, after taking three different buses to get there. It was cold out, but still sunny enough that I have my first sunburn of the year. Perhaps I can get my next one when I'm not shivering.


dumonk wants you to know:
Dumb KC. I hate Mike Sweeney, he just kills us.

I think you could have played a better Left Field for the White Sox on Friday night to.

1:49 PM, Apr 10, 2006

bahua wants you to know:
Don't worry, Mike Sweeney'll break his knee soon enough, and the Royals'll send whoever's doing well down to Omaha.

8:09 PM, Apr 10, 2006

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