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3:34 PM, Oct 29, 2002 toot this
10/29/2002 4:34 PM
The party was tons of fun, but I forgot my camera, and remembered it when I had driven 18 yards away from my place. The party reminded me that I'd like to get a winamp plugin for my system, but you needn't hear about that. Karl Denson played one of the best shows I've ever seen. I must say, the jazz shows that I see just make the rock shows I see look childish. It's just pure, raw music, coming at you. I might also add that the crowd at the venue was probably the most polite I have ever encountered. The place was visibly crowded, but people were always very considerate to anyone walking through the crowd. After Flogging Molly last week, it was a real breath of fresh air. If you are bored at work, give this a try. Here it is bigger. It is a much more modern version of a game that I wrote in BASIC, about 15 years ago, out of a 321 Contact magazine. After about 5 minutes of playing, I am hooked, and my best score is a paltry 610. I'll beat it!

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