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Kickball 2007!
I have some great friends here in Kansas City. I have been talking with a lot of them on the phone, or more often over IM, and everyone seems excited to see the new place. I'm looking forward to having everyone over warm this place. It certainly could use some warming too. We moved in just as the awesome spell of warm weather of late March was ending, and now it's frigging freezing in early April. We're expecting record low temperatures, this weekend. That translates to a very cold apartment with concrete floors, walls, and ceilings. Running the heat to combat the cold does work, but I fear that heating 1460 square feet is going to be pretty expensive.

Anyway, the best facilitator and catalyst for forging and maintaining friendships in Kansas City started up again for the year last night. We had our first kickball game! We moved to the Thursday night league because it was better for people's schedules, and fortunately for us, it's the recreational league. Wednesday night, when we've always played before, is a competitive league. Because of this, we only pulled off one win in both of the seasons we played in it last year.

Last night, we played a team that has never played before, and won! The final score was 2 to 1. They were very good sports, but I think were kind of taken aback by our antics. I guess they weren't expecting silly music to be played as each person walked to the plate. Their catcher asked Erp what company we were with. I suppose Erp surprised her when he said that we're all just a group of friends.

We celebrated the victory with a run down to Grinders, and then Chris(who had joined us by this time) and I went to Harry's for a nightcap. It was an excellent night.

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