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Bob's 47
Since the unfortunate Schlafly episiode, Jeff and I have been pretty bummed, regarding draught beer at home. Bummed because we have been unable to find the beers we really want among the many scales of Kansas City's seamy beer distribution underbelly, and also from indecision. We don't really know what we want, so we keep saying, "you choose."

As we procrastinated the choice away, the first speckles of autumn descended upon us. We regarded with joy the lower temperatures, the harbinger of beer season. We procrastinated right into beer season. With this in mind, we decided that what we really wanted was a heaping keg of Kansas City's hometown fall seasonal from Boulevard Brewing Company: Bob's 47. The daytime temperatures have calmed down to the 70s and 80s, bringing a decidedly pleasant crispness to the air, compared to the offensive sweat-through-your-clothes-sitting-still heat of July.

Oktoberfest is in the air. Geoff and company are headed to Munich in a couple weeks, and since I blew my traveling wad on a crappy trip all the way up the American West Coast, the best I can do is secure a keg of a Munich-style lager. Jeff and I were trying to get a hold of a keg of this delicious seasonal beer for some weeks, as August signals the beginning of beer season. Gomer's, our customary keg supplier in midtown, did just a little better than stonewalling us, regarding the procurement of the kraut-inspired ferment.

"Call Boulevard, and ask them where you can get it on tap," they told Jeff on the phone. Flabbergasted, Jeff decided(and I agreed) that if Gomer's wasn't going to help us out, then we'd find a liquor store that would. Jeff had to go to Kansas, to a place called Lukas Liquors, to roll a keg of the Fall's finest into the back of his PT Cruiser. I received this text from him when I was in Seattle, last week:

"There is a keg of bobs 47 in the 'rator"

I hurried up and finished my vacation, came home, and tapped the mutha. It's delicious.


mean interrupted with:
So how come Boulevard's site says it's in bottles only? I would assume Gomer's was implying--correctly, as far as I know--that it wasn't getting kegged this year. Are you sure the keg you got from Lukas is from this year? Is Boulevard's site wrong? I know I haven't seen it on tap anywhere yet. :(

3:06 PM, Sep 11, 2006

bahua replied:
I've had it on tap at 12 Baltimore and Harry's Country Club. It's definitely on tap, this year.

3:31 PM, Sep 11, 2006

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