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KCATA Crawl 2008 Done
The 2008 KCATA Pubcrawl was an unmitigated success. Some people came and went, but in total, over twenty people came out for the third annual crawl. Over a period of sixteen hours, the group visited eleven bars between Waldo and downtown. Some firsts for the crawl:

  1. Bars: Pizza 51, Mike's Tavern, Crosstown Station, John's Big Deck
  2. Route: The #25 bus
  3. No Plaza bars
  4. No Westport bars
  5. No Midtown bars
  6. No Power & Light bars
It's always great to expand the horizons of an annual pubcrawl, and it's good to see that without going to the most likely bar areas, new and exciting places can be found and enjoyed. The bars we visited that had been visited in previous iterations were Waldo Pizza, 75th Street Brewery, Charlie Hooper's, Grinders, Zoo Bar, Harry's Country Club, and the Red Front.

After leaving the Red Front, some of the few that remained gave the rest of the few that remained a ride to Town Topic. It was far too full, so said people(myself included) went to YJ's for coffee and breakfast food. At the end of the night, only Alex, Geoff, and I remained. Faced with the reality of not being able to catch a cab at 3:30am("I've got a two-hour wait." CLICK), we walked from 18th to my place on 7th before shaking hands and calling it a night.

Here is a selection of pictures from the event.

002kcatacrawl.jpg 008kcatacrawl.jpg 011kcatacrawl.jpg 020kcatacrawl.jpg 024kcatacrawl.jpg 031kcatacrawl.jpg 038kcatacrawl.jpg 050kcatacrawl.jpg

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