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8:35 PM, Apr 5, 2004 toot this
Gambling and HR
I went to Des Moines on a whim, on Saturday evening, to go drinking with Alex, Keith, and Sarah, as I had nothing going on at home. While up there, I didn't sleep, because we drank until 3 and gambled until 6. I came back to Kansas City on Sunday morning with more money than I left with on Saturday, so it wasn't a fruitless trip. Brian and I saw Hellboy tonight, and were very entertained. I think I might see it again, but will definitely get the DVD when it comes out.

I just purchased and installed Far Cry on my PC, and it seems to suffer from the UbiSoft brand pain in the butt: checkpoint-style game saves. It gets pretty frustrating when you've come through an area that was hard fought, and you then make a dumb mistake and die, and have to return to where you were twenty minutes earlier. The game, however, is amazing in appearance. The lighting, the water, and the physics are all more advanced than anything I've seen yet. Unfortunately, the AI and the acting are terrible, almost comical.

I'm still at home, waiting for them to get some things taken care of, at work. The days have been boring, to say the least, as I have been busying myself filling out the seemingly endless stream of paperwork required for government work, and fielding phonecalls from people reminding me to fill out said paperwork. It's fine, but I am really looking forward to having some actual work to do. I'm going in on Wednesday, to make an appearance and enjoy a training "primer," with Geoff.

Then, all next week, I'll be going into work to get trained on the system administration duties with the software we'll be supporting. It looks like my days at home will only be interrupted for a while, however, as no projected start date is yet in sight, and they still not have a physical facility for me, TJ, and the 20-30 machines we're going to support.


Lev was sure you'd want to know:
Can you run Far Cry with all the settings up? I tried and it runs great for a while, then slideshows when I fire.

3:05 PM, Apr 8, 2004

bahua was sure you'd want to know:
I haven't tried it with heavy settings. It runs fine at 1024x768, and I figure I'm pushing my luck with that. I'll try cranking it up, though, and let you know how it works out.

1:01 PM, Apr 9, 2004

bahua blurted:
It worked fine when I set it up to 1280x1024, but the checkpoints are so infuriating that it loses its appeal within about a half hour, at the most, in my opinion. At least with on-the-fly saving, you can keep playing, keep trying.

I think I might be done, soon.

10:44 PM, Apr 10, 2004

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