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Highway Death
I was driving to work the other day, and I noticed on a stretch of road between Tracy, MO and the bridge to Kansas, a young buck lay dead, killed by a passing car. Fuzzy antlers in the velvety early stages of growth sprang from its lifeless head. I don't know why I took notice like I did, but I did.

The next day, the deer was still there, just as dead, but with a plague of flying insects swarming all around it, even noticable at 60mph. Also noticable, though, was the fact that the antlers, small and velvety as they were, had been removed, with only two bloody holes surrounded by frantic insects remaining to indicate that there had once been anything there at all.

I wondered who would emasculate the deer like that, for such a tiny reward, if such a small pair of antlers could even be considered a reward. It was a sobering moment.

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chrizow blurted:

3:40 PM, Jun 7, 2006

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