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1/15/2003 6:18 AM
Tonight at work, I have formulated a new, easier way to generate pages full of descriptions of pictures I post, and links to them. I will give it a production run when I get my first cadre of photos produced with the new camera. By the way, the new camera arrived yesterday, and the folks iin the office didn't manage to bring it up for me. So, I'll pick it up when I get home today. I also discovered something for which I had before tonight only wished. The State, in my opinion, the best sketch comedy show that's ever been on television, has been immortalized completely by a wonderful, well-connected site, called Statemedia. I will spend a lot of time on this site when I get home, where I have access to a computer with sound and quicktime.

1/14/2003 4:22 AM##I finished my training, and I find myself quite a bit more comfortable with shell scripting, but in doing so, I doubly see the merit of learning perl. I also find myself with less and less free time at work. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I did used to be quite accustomed to having many hours of idle time, per night. I used this time to develop skills, catch up on world events, and read the Lord of the Rings. Now, I am beginning to actually be busy at work. This is both discouraging and exciting. Discouraging, because the things I mentioned above will no longer be possible, in the kind of volume with which I pursued them. Exciting, however, to know that I actually am justifying the investment Sprint has placed in me, and I am building real experience.

Anyway, I went to Peoria over the weekend, and had a very short(~24 hours) but very fun visit. The greater purpose for the visit was to help celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. The birthday party took place on the grounds of what used to be the Bartonville State Hospital, a place that, despite its current reputation as haunted, was a pioneering endeavor, in the field of mental therapy. I took a walk around the grounds, with my brother and sister. We managed through the cold blustery afternoon to get to one of the four cemetery sites.

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