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1:42 PM, Feb 29, 2008 toot this
Can Someone Explain This to Me?
I'm amazed that Americans are as good-natured as they are. Every day when I'm driving to and from work I see thousands of cars on the opposite side of the road, just stopped. People abide sitting in stopped traffic every single day, twice a day. I would buy a gun. I would go crazy. I go crazy enough driving in moving traffic in which I can't use cruise control. To sit in stopped traffic every day is just beyond my tolerance. Why do these people tolerate this horrible situation? So they can get "more house?" So they can send their kids to a fire-and-forget suburban school?

I don't understand it. I try to give these people the benefit of the doubt, and assume that they aren't stupid. I realize that a great number of these people have spouses and children, and prioritize everything for accomodating them, and that's fine. I can understand the influence of familial love, but if my domestic status required living in the uniform-housed hinterlands, I'd work really hard to find a work situation that frees me of idling my car, inch by inch, twenty miles down a parking lot to downtown.


qwerty was sure you'd want to know:
A traffic filled commute is for the birds!

10:23 PM, Feb 29, 2008

dick responded:
you don't enjoy driving; i get it. you think living in downtown is tops; i get it. you think those who live in the suburbs are idiots; i get it. we've covered this tpoic a million times, move on.

9:42 AM, Mar 3, 2008

suburbanite. interrupted with:
you answered your own question - people endure commutes because they choose to live in communities they feel are more appropriate for rearing their families. for most of these people, it doesn't take much, if any, longer to get to work than you do. 15-35 minute commutes are worth it to them. while i am sure they would prefer to work closer to home for a variety of reasons, sometimes that isn't feasible in their respective professions. so it goes.

11:06 AM, Mar 4, 2008

cole chimed in with:
living in the current downtown is a bit like living on the frontier of the wild west. it's unsettled. and people drink wiskey and shoot each other at high noon. but the city is where living is living again. the suburbs have a sonic and a truck stop. there is no point to living in the suburbs except for the schools, but i think the schools could be reclaimed by a coup d'├ętat of interested parents. obviously they are smart enough to fill any gaps perceived left behind by teachers. what if enough people said 'so what if these houses are on holmes, they are worth making homes.' the reason we don't move on from this topic is because people will move from blue springs to grain valley to oak grove to odessa. At some point people need to realize solutions don't lie in moving 30 miles from anywhere, but by fixing what is there.

p.s. my oak grove education never taught me to capitalize words.

4:17 PM, Mar 5, 2008

dick offered:
it's amazing how narrow-minded most of you are. there are millions of reasons people choose to live where they do. it's ignorant to assume i lived in the OP for the same reasons the 40-year old couple with two kids on my street did.

p.s. just because you lived with your parents in the suburbs and how have a studio apartment in or near downtown, you don't suddenly know everything. if that were the case, everyone would want to live downtown.

10:06 AM, Mar 10, 2008

bahua chimed in with:
Ouch! Bitter much?

9:31 AM, Mar 11, 2008

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